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How to Grow Your Financial Freedom Fund Using the US Stock Market?
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Empower Your Trades - Master the Market

Be prepared to embark on a transformative journey with The Greatest Traders In The World, a 12-18 months program designed to unlock the secrets of the stock market. This program is meticulously crafted for both beginner traders and seasoned investors aiming to achieve remarkable financial milestones. Discover a suite of time-proven strategies that are practical, easy to understand, and immediately applicable, enabling you to target a 10% or higher return on your investments.
In today’s dynamic economic landscape, the stock market presents unparalleled opportunities for substantial returns. The Greatest Traders In The World demystifies the complex world of stock trading, making it accessible to all, regardless of your background. You don’t need to be a financial guru like Warren Buffett or hail from a lineage of investors to excel in this field. This course empowers everyday individuals, including those who are new to investing, with the knowledge and tools to confidently navigate the market and secure double-digit returns.

Why learn with Spiking?

Unlock the potential of the stock market by enrolling now and discover:
Revolutionary Trading Techniques:
Learn two proven, easy-to-implement strategies that require no more than 15 minutes a month. Perfect for beginners, these strategies offer a straightforward path to trading success.
Trading vs. Real Estate:
Uncover compelling insights into why stock trading often outperforms real estate investments over time. Learn why timing is crucial in real estate, and how trading can offer more consistent growth for your portfolio.
Top 5 Advantages of Stock Trading:
Explore why trading stocks is one of the best business choices you can make, particularly for those who value freedom and flexibility in their lifestyle. Understand how stock trading opens doors to limitless opportunities.
Capitalizing on Global Events:
Find out why current global crises present a unique and ideal opportunity to invest in the stock market, turning challenges into profitable ventures.
Essential Skills for Profitable Trading:
Master the top three critical aspects of stock trading. Missing out on these could mean the difference between substantial gains and merely breaking even.
Exclusive Insights and More:
Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and tips that can transform you into a savvy trader.
Seize this opportunity to become a part of an elite group of individuals mastering the art of stock trading. Sign up now and step into a world of financial empowerment and growth.

Learn-by doing with Video Classes

Empower your financial expertise with Spiking’s dynamic Live Trading Sessions, comprehensive Courses, and immersive Masterclasses. Tailored to energize our Spiking Community, each program is intricately designed to facilitate an engaging, hands-on educational experience. Our curriculum champions active, ‘learn-by-doing’ pedagogy, guaranteeing practicality in every lesson. Spiking arms both novices and seasoned traders with advanced AI tools, deep market insights, and the finest trading practices, all crafted to sculpt a strong and lucrative trading system. Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, join Spiking to revolutionize your trading approach, amplify your market prowess, and ignite your stock portfolio.”
Understanding the Market and Identifying Opportunities
  • Introduction to High-Profit, Short-Term Trading
  • Analyzing risk and reward in short-term trading strategies
  • Debunking common misconceptions about high-profit trading
Key Players and Consistent Profits
  • Identifying consistent profit-makers
  • Emphasizing risk management and capital preservation
Stock Price Spikes and Their Causes
  • Finding stock price spikes
  • Exploring stock price spikes
  • Investigating fundamental factors causing price spikes
  • Evaluating technical factors causing price spikes
  • Utilizing stock screening and scanning tools
  • Recognizing stock patterns and technical indicators
Timing and Execution
  • Navigating trading platforms and order execution
  • Determining when to enter and exit trades
Developing a Personal Trading Plan
  • Setting financial goals and determining risk tolerance
  • Selecting appropriate trading strategies and techniques
  • Preparing a daily routine and maintaining a trading journal
  • Continuing education and resources for long-term success
Art of Time Squeeze Trading
  • Discussing time squeeze trading strategies
  • Implementing Time Squeeze Trading Techniques
How to select Earnings Stocks using Daily Bread Screener?
  • Determining when to enter and exit trades
  • Practical Application and Time Squeeze Trading
  • Analyzing successful time squeeze trades
  • Question & Answers
How to select FDA Stocks using Resurrection Screener?
  • What does FDA stands for?
  • Analyzing successful FDA trades
  • Different phases of FDA approval
  • What should you look for in an FDA stock?
How to select Money Manager's Stocks using Triangulation Screener?
  • What does Triangulation stands for?
  • How to analyze quarterly filings of money managers
  • Herding behavior of money managers
How to select Stocks using Race to 100% Screener?
  • Who are some of the top SEC insiders?
  • View an insider's most recently closed positions
  • View the positions of new investors in a company
How to select Stocks using Top 100 Screener?
  • View past and recent positions of the Top 100 Money Managers
  • Analyzing successful Top 100 Money Managers trades
Experience the energy and benefits of Live Trading Session
  • Live Trading is designed to provide practical experience and knowledge to enhance your trading skills. Get invited to our Live Trading session today:

A live and immersive learning experience

Our live classes are an opportunity to learn-by-doing with your class. During our live-classes we take an active learning approach to ensure you retain and practice key skills
Live Trading Sessions
Our Live Trading Sessions are an opportunity to learn-by-doing with your class. During our live-sessions we take an active learning approach to ensure you retain and practice key skills.
Trading Ideas
During our Live Trading Sessions you'll be given a series of trading ideas to add to your portfolio. These trading ideas are formed with in-depth analysis.
Trades & Portfolio Review
As well as learning live, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback and guideance on your portfolio and past trades.
Spiking tools
Enjoy unlimited access to a various number of proprietary stocks screener such as Daily Bread, Resurrection, Race to 100% and more.
Education community
Joining our Live Trading Sessions will give you access to our supportive education community. As well as meeting classmates you'll connect with thousands of traders around the world.
You will be awarded a digital Spiking certificate on completion of your course to celebrate your new acquired knowledge!

Embark on a Journey to Wealth Mastery with Dr. Clemen Chiang

Dive deep into wealth strategies in our live sessions and learn live with Dr. Clemen Chiang, a leading expert and one of today’s most renowned wealth coaches.
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Dr. Clemen Chiang
Founder of Spiking
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Global Traders Community: Uniting Alumni from Across 80+ Countries

Our community of alumni spans the globe, from the vibrant financial districts of Singapore to the tech-forward streets of San Francisco, our alumni form a rich mosaic of global traders. The diverse tapestry of students who have journeyed with us is our greatest pride. It’s an honor to have fostered a worldwide network of traders, each with unique perspectives that enrich our collective experience. We cherish the opportunity to have guided such a vast assembly of dedicated individuals in their trading endeavors.
Discover the stories of our alumni who are reshaping the world of trading, one successful investment at a time.
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Jeffrey Yee
Malaysia 🇲🇾
Wilson Peh
Attended Spiking Cosy Life Trading session recently. It was an informative and lively session. Dr. Clemen Chiang is knowledgeable and shared valuable insights on trading, investment and connecting the dots on world events and financial markets . This is the first time I heard about the holy grail portfolio and how to construct the portfolio. Dr. Clemen is also helpful and patient in answering students’ questions during the Q & A session. Thank you!
John Tran
Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend COSY to anyone interested in the subject matter. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge, engage with Dr Chiang, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. It is well structured event with interactive Q&A throughout the event, ending with insightful and practical takeaways.
Christopher Daruwalla
Dr Clemen’s analysis and guidance is second to none. Back by powerful AI there is nothing else you will need to making sound and profitable investments every day.
Henry Leung
Dr. Clemen: Pioneering to Remarkable Heights! Dr. Clemen, at the helm of, has truly taken this platform to extraordinary heights. He’s not just an educator; he’s the visionary leader of a thriving team that includes the incredible engineers constantly enhancing the Spiking AI software. Dr. Clemen’s mentorship is a beacon of excellence. His remarkable patience, care, and dedication have no equal. He leads with an unwavering commitment to your success, and his teachings are not only informative but remarkably practical. His passion is nothing short of infectious, propelling your learning curve to previously unattainable heights.
Isabella Chen
Dr. Clemen COSY Live Trading classes have always been informative and up to date with in depth current market analysis, coupled with his wisdom and thought process to tie us through the volatile market.
Ivan Desouza
Another COSY live trading session jam packed with goodies. The implementation of the “Holy Grail” is well received and thanks to the engineering team at Spiking for doing this great job. Now it’s up to me to fill out the details for my Holy Grail portfolio.
Neo Jun Yuan
It’s a blessing to have such a resourceful mentor for a life time and invested all his time in looking out at the economy and summarizing everything for us at COSY Live trading. It’s my honor to be part of the Spiking Community!
Kuan Kim San
Always super excited to learn from Dr Clemen = Wisdom, Connect The Dots! I am inspired and infected by Clemen’s deep wisdom, powerful energy and optimism. He is such a great teacher. Thank you so so much for all your powerful sharing.
Liz Kalu
Thanks Teacher for putting on the Live Trading ARM IPO event. You made it an exciting and fun experience. It was a once in a lifetime event. So glad I was able to take part in it.
Mark Leong
I have experience buying an IPO stock! Dr Clemen is very helpful in helping and advising us when to be ready, when to go in and ready to buy and so on. He explain the concept and the logic behind it well. I am glad tha tunder his guidance, I experience the right price to buy this IPO and had since make some money. I am happy about it! Thanks Dr Clemen!

Our Live Trading Sessions are filling up super fast!

Dive into the markets with Spiking & Dr. Clemen Chiang for an intensive 5-hour session, held twice a month on a weekday, from 7:00pm to midnight, GMT+8. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your trading skills in real-time with expert guidance and witness the formidable capabilities of TRADEGPT – Spiking’s proprietary AI Tool that’s redefining trading strategies. Book now to guarantee your spot at the forefront of live market action!
Cosy Live Trading
COSY🎯Live Trading

Supercharge Your Stock Trading With Award-Winning Education and AI Tools.

Our Spiking Pricing Plan is meticulously designed to embody excellence, offering unparalleled value and a transparent cost structure that aligns with our commitment to deliver a premier stock trading education experience.
1-Year Software
Stocks AI Software Access X 12 Months
Options AI Software Access X 12 Months
TradeGPT Prompt
Holy Grail Portfolio
The Four Quadrant
GPU Enabled / Fast Generation
ChatGPT, Bard, LLaMA AI models
FIAT Method and TradeGPT Spike
Daily Bread, Resurrection, Triangulation, GOAT, Buyback, YOLO, GRIT
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24-Session Trade
Cosy Live Trading X 24-Session Trade
Q&A Live X 24-Session Q&A
The $100K Portfolio
Comprehensive Training Videos
Member’s Email Support
Priority WhatsApp Support
Upgrade to Spiking To the Moon!
30+ Hours Of Video Content
Certified Spiking Trader
Education Community
Develop a Successful Trading System
Execute Your First Live Trade
Trades and Portfolio Review
Receive Support and Feedback
4-Session Invest
Trade Through The Night X 4-Session Invest
Q&A Live X 4-Session Q&A
The $100K Portfolio
Comprehensive Training Videos
Member’s Email Support
Priority WhatsApp Support
Upgrade to Spiking To the Moon!
30+ Hours Of Video Content
Certified Spiking Trader
Education Community
Develop a Successful Trading System
Execute Your First Live Trade
Trades and Portfolio Review
Receive Support and Feedback
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It’s likely that you may have some questions by now. We encourage our students in seeking clarity and are available to answer your inquiries. Feel free to reach out to us at any time at
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Are you a complete beginner - who wants to learn how trading can give you passive income?
Are you a novice trader - who wants to learn how to make winning trades?
Are you an experienced trader - who wants to bring your trading skills to the next level?
Are you a struggling trader - who wants to minimise your trading losses?
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Are you a Day Trader - who wants to augment your daily trading strategy?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions… You should try out my “secret trading system” !
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I've imparted this trading system to more than 20,000 students over a span of 20 years... and have earned the title as the #1 Trading AI Software in the world.
From novice to experienced traders, struggling to thriving traders...And it simply works in every market and trade you deploy it in.
And I GUARANTEE it will work for you too.
You see, if for some strange reason you try the strategies outlined in my Strategy meeting and they don't EXPONENTIALLY win you more trades...
You are free to leave a bad review, plus I'll compensate you for the time wasted.
Why Trade Stocks Instead of others?
For all but advanced investors, stocks are probably the better choice than options & cryptos at all times. It would help if you stood on a solid foundation of an instrument that has the most extended history, which is stocks, that is founded since 200+ years ago, as compared to options (50 years ago) followed by Cryptos (12 years ago) before advancing to other platforms. Stocks are the ultimate instrument that helps every billionaire & millionaire build their wealth.
In a sentence, how can you help me make money?
We provide an AI-powered platform that tracks all trading activities of financial giants so that you can copy their trades & make money with them. Our simple 4-step F.I.A.T method will help to stack your trading success rate.
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