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Get real-time updates on the big stock players at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to keep you one step ahead of the game.
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What is Spiking?

Spiking, the newest app to excite the financial technology community, brings transparency to the Singapore stock market through real-time verified information on trades made by sophisticated investors. This means average retail investors can jump in on hot stocks and make better investment decisions with greater confidence, with the help of market knowledge they never had before.

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One Step Ahead
Get real-time updates on trades that should cause stock to spike


Verified Information

Receive publicly available, verified information on trades made by the biggest investors at the SGX.

Smart Notifications

Receive real-time updates on trades by verified investors and the stocks that you follow.


Share your portfolio and learn from like-minded investors in the Spiking community.

What do others say about us?

“This seems like a social media to discuss about investment.”
Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore
"This is good, this is good. I see directors and major shareholders supporting their own shares."
Head of Unit, Shipping Company
"There are always fluctuations in the market and it's because these guys are moving the market. With this, I can see what they're doing and buy before the price changes."
Assistant Engineer, Telecommunications Company
“Pretty cool! This is very helpful for people who are actively trading.”
Regional Head, Insurance Company
“Being able to know which big timers are buying what stock in bulk gives confidence in buying a particular counter.”
Director, Media and Entertainment Company
“This is really simple and straightforward. I don’t need much explanation in order to understand it.”
Director, Retail Services Company
“That’s freaking cool. It’s like Facebook for investing. That’s great!”
Executive, Entertainment Company
“Let’s say my normal trades are 10% of my portfolio, and if you say Peter Lim is going in, I’d probably put in more, maybe 40% of my portfolio into that.”
Stock trader, With more than 10 years of trading experience
“It’s interesting in the sense that information like this you usually don’t get it until summarized the end of the week as directors buying and selling. You have it on Monday in Business Times, or over the weekend, but not sooner.”
Country Head, Consulting Company
“How do you have access to this information? It’s not private? This is amazing!”
Executive, Entertainment Company
“This is very useful.”
Education Invigilator
“I can make some quick bucks off of this.”
Nursing Consultant, Leading Singapore Hospital
“I’m quite impressed that so much information is available.”
Regional Head, Insurance Company
“Gives confidence in buying a particular counter.”
Director, Entertainment Company
“For people who are high value traders, this is very relevant.”
Regional Head, Insurance Company
“User friendly, on-the-go…highly recommended.”
Director, Entertainment Company
“Looks like Facebook. Maybe it could look more like LinkedIn?”
Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore
“Yes, definitely. I want to have this information.”
Manager, SCDF
“If I knew what Peter Lim was buying right now, I would jump into the market as soon as possible. I think that’s what makes your app stand out. I think that’s important.”
Administrator, Retail Services Company
“Yes, and I’d highly recommended it to friends.”
Director, Entertainment Industry Company
"Respondents opine that a database of publically available real-time information would allow them to compete at the same level as sophisticated investors."
spiking frost & sullivan
Source: Frost & Sullivan "Investors' Trading Behavior and Users' App Testing" Survey - March 2016.





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