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Trading AI

There are 1000’s of stocks available in the market. How do you know which one to choose to give you huge profits? Spiking has the answer!
FIAT 4-Step Methodology
Spiking uses a unique 4 step method to analyze stocks, follow the money trail, find the latest news and study the charts. All you have to do is to enter stocks before they spike and earn up to 50% - 100% profits!
Step 01
Check here for a birds eye view of the business. Understand the business model, Company Market Cap, Net Stock Purchase, Spiking history and much more.
Step 02
This is the big money trail! – You can see how much was traded on the stock and who put the money in! See the shifts in investment among Top Money Managers and if shareholders are strongly backing their company.
Step 03
Catch up on the latest news for the stock. Note the next event that can push the stock price up and get a chronological view of who has bought and sold, the quantity of stock and the average price.
Step 04
View the chart to see how the stocks' history over time, then connect movements with the news. Study the trends and patterns over time.
Spiking gives you the option to trade over different time frames – From one day to once in a lifetime! Choose any combination of time frames that suit your style and investment strategy.
Daily Bread
This is crazy! Can you make profits in one day? How? With Spiking Daily Bread you can choose and invest in companies that will have a trigger event the next day - Pushing up the price of the stock! Enter winning trades and make big money in one day!
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If daily trading is not your style you can expand your time horizon and enter FDA stocks before they spike. Enter 1month before the trigger event and play your part in making the world a healthier place to live!
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If you love triangles you will fall in love with triangulation! Stocks listed in this section connect 3 vital parameters – Universe of Funds - Top 100 Money Managers - Current market conditions. Invest in these stocks over a quarter grabbing profits along the way!
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The name may sound silly but investing in these stocks is anything but! Greatest of All Time stocks are strong stocks with a focus on sectors and industries that will go upwards over 1 year and are inline with current market conditions.
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Do you want to back companies that have huge cash reserves and are able to buy mega amounts of their stock from the market? Stock buybacks not only push the price of the stock up but they also ensure that the stock does not fall when conditions may be unfavorable.
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Invest in those companies that aspire to reach the 1T$ club! Companies with a market cap of 1 Billion or more have a long term horizon of reaching that magical figure. Invest in any of the 100 companies on the list and watch your investment grow over the years.
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It’s true! You only live once! But are you ready to grab the chance of a lifetime and change your destiny and the fortunes of generations to come? Invest and Hold On For Dear Life!
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It is so difficult to teach! But with Spiking you can test your Preparation – Perseverance and Passion as you climb your way up the wealth pyramid!
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What is Daily Robot
Time is money! Let Spiking Daily Robot does the hard work for you. The Spiking Daily Robot uses Spiking Artificial Intelligence to pick out the top 3 Stocks that are likely to spike within the next 24 hours and recommends them to you everyday
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Daily Notification
You will receive a daily notification at 18.30 PM (Singapore time)
TOP 3 Stocks Picks
3 Stocks that are likely to spike within the next 24 hours
Universe Net Purchase
Universe Net Purchase and other information are summarised in the daily notifications
How does the Daily Robot work?
step 1
Purchase Spiking Robot and get an invitation to join the Spiking Wealth Community..
step 2
Receive daily notifications on the 3 Stocks that are likely to spike up.
step 3
With this daily information, trade and earn profits in just 24 hours.
With every purchase, you will be entitled to access historical institutional ownership trends of each Insiders, get up to date data and news in their respective portfolios while viewing and sorting the companies by categories. In addition, you will be able to gauge the historical importance of company developments as we have linked 2 years worth of news to price movements. With Deep-end charts you will also be able to view portfolios that have been segmented by the categories.
Warren Buffett
Fund Manager of Berkshire Hathaway Inc
Top 100 Money Management
Total Networth
Companies Owned
Known as the "Oracle of Omaha," Warren Buffett is considered as one of the most successful investors of all time. Buffett runs Berkshire Hathaway, which owns more than 60 companies, including insurer Geico, battery maker Duracell and restaurant chain Dairy Queen.
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Cathie Woods
CEO of Ark Invest
Best performing ETF 2021
Asset Under Management
Companies Owned
Cathie Wood is an excellent stock-picker and founder of $60 Billion (assets) ARK Invest, which invests in innovations like self-driving cars and genomics. Cathie Wood created ARK in 2014 hoping to package active stock portfolios in an ETF format.
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Temasek Holdings
Investment company
Top 10
Among Sovereign Funds Globally
Asset Under Management
Companies Owned
Temasek is a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. Temasek’s global portfolio spans a broad spectrum of industries: financial services; transportation & industrials; telecommunications, media & technology; consumer & real estate; as well as life sciences & agri-food
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