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If stocks gives you a buzz then Options will make your mind bend! Options can give you upto 10x returns! Use Spiking’s Unique software to make mega profits!
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TIME 4-Step Methodology
TIME is critical when it comes to Options – Time decay is the Achilles Heel of Options Trading - So it’s not by chance that Spiking has devised the TIME method for you to analyse Options! TIME enables you to deep dive into choosing the right strike price and expiry for a selected option.
Step 01
T & T
The secret to massive profits is choosing the right price & expiration date. T & T lets you explore strike prices for different expiration dates as well as the cost of the option for each date. Choose wisely!
Step 02
Where do the Big Boys have their focus? On Calls or Puts? Get a feel of which direction big money is leaning towards and trade with the Big Boys!
Step 03
Bullish? Bearish? Shifting from Bull to Bear? Momentum tells you everything! Use this indicator to see if momentum is consistent with your other findings. Momentum helps check if your thinking is in alignment!
Step 04
Entry & Exit
Still want to be sure before placing a trade? See how the stock behaves BEFORE – DURING – AFTER the trigger event. The red and green patterns will give you a clue!
There are thousands of stocks that you can play options on! With Options Trading you need to squeeze the time to within a Trading Day - Use the different Trading Tools to choose the Option you want to play.
Open Interest
This is one of the first indicators that one can look at the opening of the market. It shows the number of outstanding contracts on a different options. It provides a picture of trading activity and where the money big money is invested in.
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Block Quantity
If you want to catch the big trades in terms of number of contracts – you can find your Option choices using this parameter. Block quantity is best checked in the mid trading morning before lunch!
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Qty % Avg Volume
You may want to know the Big Funds Option Trade as a percentage of the average daily Option volume. E.g. Average trade of an option is 100 contracts a day. A Big Fund has bought 50 contracts. Then the Quantity % Avg Volume is 50%. An indicator of how bullish the big fund is on the option, this marker should be checked in the last half hour of the market.
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IV Change
Implied volatility is the difference between the trade volatility from the previous day’s closing volatility of the option. Higher IV can be an indicator of high option prices! IV parameters are best seen in the second hour of trading.
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