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Trading AI

Spiking Cryptos Trading AI provides access to historical cryptocurrency market data in a curated manner for Traders to make informed decisions while trading cryptocurrencies
COIN 4-Step Methodology
COIN, the only 4 steps approach to equip you with the latest information on the top Cryptocurrencies. Giving you instant access to various historical cryptocurrency market data to make informed decisions while executing your trade.
Step 01
Analyze the candlestick carefully is the only way to set the tone of Cryptocurrency’s future price movements. As there is never sufficient data to determine which direction it will move, the only real data can be read from the candles which are a lagging indicator.
Step 02
Only people who manage to own a lot of the coins are able to be rank in the Top 100 owners Whether they are buying or selling, signals from the top 100 are broken into 4 time frames (6,12,24,48 hour). Letting you spot the consistency of the signal against the chart candles to determine whether it is a strong support signal.
Step 03
To dive in even deeper, let’s enlarge an even more detailed analysis to Top 1000 wallet holders. Allowing you to have a better view of the movements in the 4 time frame. Allowing you to be the number 1001 person to enter as wallet holders below the 1000 range will be the ones who come in and either push the coin up or down.
Step 04
Being able to keep up with all the major news that can impact the Cryptocurrency market. Learning and understanding which direction the candles will move for the particular coin will give you a headstart on whether you should be buying or selling.
With many Cryptocurrencies to trade on, Spiking can provide you with all the latest information on the top Crypto Wallets so that you will know if you should be investing in a certain Cryptocurrency.
Pump and dumpers are people who often say, ‘Hey, let’s all of us together pump this coin,’ which means buy the coin, create the demand in the market, the coin will go up in value. Then, everyone “dumps” the coin and sells. These schemes are often orchestrated through apps like Slack or Telegram. Curious chatroom readers to beware of such gimmicks. An investigation into “pump and dump” schemes found the practice to be an “open secret among many cryptocurrency traders.”
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Short form for ‘fear of missing out’. The feeling when you see a huge green percentage growth on a chart and you don’t own that coin, so you sell other shit to buy into it and freaking out. As crypto trading is still very much driven by emotions rather than valuation, FOMO is a huge factor to consider when swing trading in crypto.
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‘Do your own research’ (DYOR) is a common pearl of wisdom: If you’re told to DYOR, it means you should think for yourself and draw your own conclusions, rather than following the wisdom of the crowd — or lack thereof. Failure to DYOR can get you rekt.
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To the Moon’ is an exclamation used when cryptocurrency prices are rising off the charts. By the same token, when a coin’s price is “mooning,” that means that the price has hit a peak. You might ask the grammatically-incorrect question “when moon?” if you wanted to know the opportune time to sell your cryptocurrency, before prices go back down.
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