Spiking Joins IBM's Hyper Protect 2023 Accelerator
Spiking Joins IBM's Hyper Protect 2023 Accelerator

Spiking Joins IBM's Hyper Protect 2023 Accelerator

Singapore-based startup Spiking enters IBM's Hyper Protect Accelerator, marking a transition from FinTech to WealthTech, aiming to democratize financial data and insights for investors worldwide using AI-powered solutions.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Spiking, the trailblazing financial data and insights platform, has achieved a significant milestone by joining the prestigious IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program. This move marks a transition for Spiking from FinTech to WealthTech, signifying a broader vision aimed at revolutionizing financial decision-making.

The IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator is dedicated to nurturing early-stage startups, equipping them with investment readiness and technical mentorship to help scale their operations and make a positive global impact.

Spiking's core mission is to democratize access to real-time financial data and insights for both retail and institutional investors. Their proprietary technology, fueled by Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI (GenAI), effectively transforms transactional and content data into personalized predictive insights.

At the heart of Spiking's innovation is their flagship product, TradeGPT. By harnessing a hybrid approach that integrates calibrated LLMs and GenAI, TradeGPT empowers users to make well-informed investment decisions and automate their strategies, all while offering easy-to-understand content.

Moreover, Spiking is expanding its horizons, shifting from a focus solely on stock trading to WealthTech. This transition aims to provide investors with a holistic perspective on their finances, facilitating improved decision-making about their wealth.

Spiking's ambitious vision centers around accelerating the world's transition to informed financial decisions. They target three key customer segments:

  1. 158 million Retail and Institutional Investors
  2. 6,000 Publicly Traded Companies in the US Market
  3. 325,000 Bloomberg Subscribers

Spiking's AI-powered solutions are poised to enhance financial decision-making across these segments by granting them access to top-tier data and insights. The potential outcomes are substantial—risk reduction, improved returns, and the realization of financial goals.

Dr. Clemen Chiang, CEO and Founder of Spiking, expressed their gratitude for being selected for the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator. He anticipates that this program will provide Spiking with the necessary resources and support to accelerate their growth and extend their innovative solutions to a global audience.

Adam LG Ring, Global Head at IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, shared his excitement about welcoming Spiking into the program. He highlighted Spiking's use of watsonx.ai to aid investors in making more informed decisions. By integrating IBM Hyper Protect on the cloud, Spiking ensures the utmost security. The collaborative efforts between Spiking and IBM technology are expected to drive transformative change in the financial industry.

In summary, Spiking's inclusion in the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator signifies a strategic shift towards WealthTech and a commitment to empowering investors with data-driven insights. With visionary leadership and strong backing from IBM, Spiking is poised to make a lasting impact on the financial landscape.