New Product! Spiking Insiders Unveils Top Investors' Trades: Warren Buffett, Cathie Wood, Temasek

New Product! Spiking Insiders Unveils Top Investors' Trades: Warren Buffett, Cathie Wood, Temasek

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Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Spiking Insiders leverages Spiking’s AI data platform to provide insights on the real-time and historic trading data of some of the world’s greatest investors. This new product, Spiking Insiders aims to revolutionize trading by democratizing data to empower people to build generational wealth through investing. Powered by proprietary data, Spiking Insiders provides a user-friendly real-time dashboard to understand how global top investors are deploying their capital in stocks.

Singapore, 26 October 2021 - Spiking, an AI and data-powered stock-trading insights and education platform, has launched Spiking Insiders, a new product that reveals how top funds and investors — like Cathie Wood, Warren Buffett and Temasek — are deploying their capital in stocks.

“With Spiking Insiders, users get instant access to real-time and historic trading data and valuable insights on what top investors like Warren Buffett, Cathie Woods and Temasek are doing. This allows users to leverage these top investors’ wisdom and experience to work for them,” said Dr. Clemen Chiang, CEO and co-founder, Spiking.

Spiking Insiders, offers traders unparalleled access to top investors’ stock portfolios, from how much they deployed in a specific company to exactly the date they invested or withdrew their capital. Users are able to check out two years' worth of price movements, and the average price per share. All this can be done while tracking historical trends and deep-end charts which sorts data into categories that are easy to comprehend.

Currently, Spiking Insiders offers insights on three funds to provide users a fresh perspective into the historical institutional ownership trends of the Insiders’ featured company and/or fund:
1. Spiking Insiders: Warren Buffett – Called the Sage of Omaha, Buffett’s fund Berkshire Hathaway has outperformed the S&P 500 on a total-return basis by an annualized margin of 18.3% to 10.2% since 1965.

2. Spiking Insiders: Cathie Woods – The CEO of Ark Invest, Woods is considered a vanguard of investing in disruptive innovation like cryptocurrency. In 2020, Ark’s Innovation exchange-traded funds (ETF) became the largest actively managed ETF, and delivered 170% return on investment that year.

3. Spiking Insiders: Temasek Holdings -- The global investment company owned by the Singapore government is one of the top funds in the world, most recently posting a 24.5% one-year return from 2020 to 2021.

Spiking Insiders: Cathie Wood is now available for purchase. Users can also register their interest for Spiking Insiders: Warren Buffett, and Spiking Insiders: Temasek Holdings. Like Spiking, this new product, Spiking Insiders, transforms proprietary data into priceless data to grant insights into the trading genius of industry giants.

“The three types of funds offered on this new Spiking Insiders reveal the way three industry leaders are investing in the stock market,” Dr. Chiang said. “Our vision with this new product, Spiking Insiders, is the same for Spiking – democratizing data to empower individuals to build generational wealth.”

About Spiking: Spiking is Singapore’s first financial technology and educational app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reveal trading insights. Launched in 2016, Spiking aims to help traders see how reputable investors buy and sell shares in the stock market. Since its launch, Spiking has established itself as the top stock trading education platform that incorporates AI for the use of legal insider trading. Spiking uses proprietary data to track transactions and lets traders stand on the shoulders of industry giants.

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