Spiking is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Beowulf Blockchain

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Spiking is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf is a decentralized cloud network for communication services that enables business to provide communication features for their business without typical barriers.

To celebrate the new partnership with Beowulf, Spiking invites our users to try out QUICKOM services.

$5 for new sign-up

Sign up on Beowulf Blockchain using referral code SPIKING and receive $5 to try out QUICKOM services. The money will be credited instantly in your Beowulf wallet so you can try out all communication services of QUICKOM which includes messaging, voice calling and video calling.

$5 for joining Telegram group

Join Beowulf Telegram group here, submit your information to the bot and claim another $5. It only takes seconds!

Refer a friend and earn more

Earn 20% commission on your friend’s spending on QUICKOM services. Simply tell them to register using your referral code, or invitation link found on your account page.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion period is from 00:01 SGT July 4 to 23:59 SGT July 19, 2019.
  2. This promotion is only applicable to users who receive the promotional email from Spiking.
  3. Users must sign up to Beowulf Blockchain with the email that receives the promotional email in order to be eligible for the prizes.
  4. Rewards will be in the form of W coins. 1 W coin is pegged to 1 USD on the Beowulf Blockchain.
  5. 5 W coins for new sign-up will be distributed instantly to new sign-up accounts on Beowulf Blockchain. This promotional credit is used for QUICKOM services on the Beowulf Blockchain and is expired on September 15, 2019.
  6. 5 W coins for joining Telegram group will be distributed directly to qualified accounts on Beowulf Blockchain in October, 2019. You may be required to do KYC to be qualified for the bonus.
  7. Promotional period for referral program is until June 24, 2020.
  8. Spiking will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out referral bonuses on these accounts. Duplicate or shared finances will result in disqualification.
  9. If these promotional terms or any applicable specific terms are translated into a language other than English, then the English version shall prevail where there is any inconsistency.
  10. By participating in the Promotion, you acknowledge and agree that:
  • Spiking reserves the right to refuse granting any reward or to remove a user’s access to the Promotion at its sole direction, including but not limited to instances where we suspect cheating of any form, and;
  • Spiking reserves all rights to manage and modify rules or terms to ensure fairness throughout the Promotion.

About Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf Blockchain is a decentralized cloud network for communication services. This B2B platform provides ready-to-use technology for clients to adjust and operate their own communication services, to enhance their own business models.

QUICKOM by Beowulf is an inbound communication system for call centers and personal transactions that utilizes QR code technology to function. With a focus on privacy control, QUICKOM is a revolution that brings control over communications back to the users.

To learn more about QUICKOM, please visit here.