How To Make Money With NFTs?
How To Make Money With NFTs?

How To Make Money With NFTs?

NFTs can represent digital files such as items in art, audio, video games, and other forms of creative works. Learn how you can make money with NFTs.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Non- Fungible Tokens, or as most people know them, NFTs are all over the internet these days and everyone is talking about it. You may have heard or learned about NFT investors or makers who have made stunning figures that have changed their lives forever. E.g., Beeple's NFT broke the internet when it was sold for about $69 million. Examples like these are changing how the world views these digital collectibles.

Many people who have looked into NFTs presently need to get their feet in the water to ride this wave. There's nothing to stress over, the boat hasn't cruised up until this point yet. We will look at the most profitable ways to make money with NFTs. However, for those who have been observing from the sidelines, we will initially check out what an NFT truly is.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token refers to a crypto asset that cannot be reproduced or changed. A simple NFT definition is goods or resources that aren't tradable. Fungibles are those that you can trade, one for another. So non-fungible tokens are units of data stored on a blockchain and authenticate a digital asset as unique and, accordingly, un-tradable. You can view them as the digital equivalent of personal collectibles where each piece has a different value.

Create and Sell Your NFT

Do you consider yourself to be a maker? Do you think you can create something that you can earn? You can earn money by selling your works as NFTs. You could make anything digital and sell it as NFTs. From unique digital art, videos, memes to music, audio clips, and more.

Someone in New York City sold a recording of their footsteps as an NFT! There are innumerable opportunities in the digital world. However, if you are truly thinking this is the most ideal way for you to make money with NFTs, we would suggest that you reach out to someone who can promote your NFTs or crypto projects.

Buying and Selling NFTs

You  begin trading NFTs, actually like people who trade cryptocurrencies. If you can invest in NFTs by buying them at the right time, you ought to have the option to sell them later for a profit. People have made fortunes by trading crypto resources, including NFTs. For example, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, a Miami-based art collector, in less than half a year flipped a beeple digital art piece for nearly 1,000 times its starting price!

While some NFTs are worth millions, some are fundamentally useless. As a trader or collector, you should have the option to take a critical look at the possibilities of making money by reselling NFTs in the future.

NFT gaming

Blockchain-based games allow you to buy and trade in-game things in the form of NFTs. As of now, they're some of the most highly valued collectibles in the market today, for example, in the game CryptoKitties. A single crypto kitty has gotten more than $300,000. More games are launching lately with more reasonable NFTs. Some are even giving away their collectibles free of charge for their first two or three players.

NFTs Stake

In crypto, you can securely hold your digital assets as a stake and allocate them only to those who will deal with their upkeep.

Consequently, you will be compensated with some portion of the stake. Through this, you can win tons of prizes and temptations on various famous websites just by marking your NFTs.

Invest in NFT startups

One ultimate way to make money indirectly with non-fungible tokens is by investing in startups.There's one thing that NFTs have proved that they're not a quick-passing crypto pattern. They've various applications in different businesses that can change the world. There are a lot of promising NFT startups that are showcasing great innovations in the crypto world. It will be impressive if you can invest in them as they make their initial steps into a progressive future.


As the big fish continue to pour more money into NFTs, they're turning out to be more standard. Right now, gaming, trading, collectibles, and making NFTs are setting the pace, but there will be more ways you can make money through NFTs. Like any other investment, there are some risks. Make sure to explore generally and invest wisely.

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