Gilde Healthcare Holdings And Investment Details by Dr. Clemen Chiang
Gilde Healthcare Holdings And Investment Details 

Gilde Healthcare Holdings And Investment Details

Gilde Healthcare has started investing in Volta Medical to Support Adoption of its AI Software for Cardiac Ablation. Learn more on Gilde Healthcare holdings.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

It appears that the VC, which was founded in 1982, is Gilde Healthcare. Utrecht is home to the mentioned VC's main office. To be more precise, the fund was headquartered in The Netherlands, which is in Europe.

The fund has particular favorites among the portfolio startups' founders. If a firm has five or more founders, its chances of receiving funding are slim. Between the nation of its founding and the nation of its most often investments, the United States, there is no financial equivalent. Additionally, a startup must be 6 to 10 years old to qualify for the fund's investment. Medical Device and Hospital are two of the investment sectors that have seen the most success. CVRx, Evotec, and Agendia are a few of the fund's most well-known portfolio startups.

The fund typically makes investments in phases with 4-5 participants. Gilde Healthcare, Morgenthaler Ventures, Ysios Capital, and QuestMark Partners frequently fund businesses. New Enterprise Associates, Morgenthaler Ventures, and Gimv are the significant sponsors for the fund's participation in a single round. In the following rounds, Morgenthaler Ventures, Gimv, and Novo Holdings typically get the funding.

There were 14 essential personnel in total.

Gilde Healthcare outperforms the competition by 9 percentage points in terms of leading investments, considering the average of the other businesses. The typical startup value when Gilde Healthcare makes an investment is between $50 and $100 million. Deals between $10 and $50 million are typically what funds are interested in. According to real fund outcomes, this VC commits to exiting businesses 18 points higher more frequently than other companies. In 2018, there were more exits from the fund. 2012 saw the most activity for the fund. Despite this, the fund was active in 2019. The fund typically participates in 2 to 6 deals per year.

Volta Medical receives funding from Gilde Healthcare to help with the implementation of its AI software for cardiac ablation.

A new Series B funding round of €36 million has been announced by Vensana Capital in partnership with Lightstone Ventures and capital partners Gilde Healthcare, bringing the total amount raised to over €70 million.

The money will support more clinical trials, speed up the development of new products, help with full-scale US commercialization preparations, and seek additional regulatory clearances.

VOLTA VX1, the company's flagship product, is the first commonly produced artificial intelligence (AI) decision-support tool that can help physicians by identifying and annotating in real-time specific abnormalities (also known as "dispersed electrograms") on 3D morphological and electrical map data of the heart. In the long run, this approach might enable improved catheter-ablation techniques for complex arrhythmias, such as chronic AF.

According to Theophile Mohr Durdez, CEO and co-founder of Volta Medical, "there is an urgent need to increase accuracy and uniformity in cardiac ablation operations for patients with recurrent AF." "Clinicians need tools that allow them to better comprehend the illness and significantly enhance patient outcomes because half of these patients need recurrent treatments. We think VOLTA's VX1 has the capability to accomplish that in a reliable, repeatable manner.

As we work together to further test our solutions and open up access to them globally, we are incredibly appreciative of the people at Vensana, Lightstone, and Gilde.

“According to Justin Klein, MD, JD, co-founder and founding director of Vensana Capital, Volta Medical's software "is intended to transform how electrophysiologists make real-time judgements in identifying areas critical to atrial fibrillation recurrence." "We commend the team's dedication to confirming its products through a financial commitment to numerous top-notch clinical trials. We are certain that Volta's ground-breaking AI technology will drastically improve these difficult procedures' effectiveness and efficiency.

Additionally, Volta Medical is delighted to confirm the appointment of John Slump, a seasoned medical device executive, as CFO. John is an experienced businessman who has founded and served as CFO for several MedTech firms, guiding them through the development process, commercial expansion, and strategic acquisitions.

Most recently, he was the CFO of Surgical Innovation Associates, a fast growing medical device business in the market for reconstruction and plastic surgery that Integra LifeSciences bought. Previously to that, John co-founded FARAPULSE, an electrophysiology medical device firm that invented revolutionary pulsed field excision technology and was later bought by Boston Scientific in 2021. John formerly held the position of CFO at Attune Medical, an up-and-coming manufacturer of medical devices that sells unique esophageal temperature control devices in the electrophysiology as well as other surgical industries.

In a fundraising environment that is becoming more difficult, John remarked, "I'm thrilled to join the Volta Medical team and am happy with our ability to garner substantial equity investment both from fresh and innovative investors." “Millions of patients with AF could significantly benefit from VOLTA VX1, and this Series B Financing will aid in speeding up its development and implementation on a national and international level.

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