As featured on: Singapore Business Review "From zero to hero: This app lets you stalk top investors trade like a pro with a single click"

As featured on: Singapore Business Review "From zero to hero: This app lets you stalk top investors trade like a pro with a single click"

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

It’s like Twitter for investors.

If you are a retail investor without the time or resources to be consistently on the lookout for market opportunities, then it might make sense to shadow elite investors for investing ideas. A new mobile application called Spiking wants to revolutionise investing by allows investors to track their favourite stocks for moves made by company directors and substantial shareholders.

Spiking users can see who the top 20 shareholders of a company are, the price and quantity of their latest transactions, and even what other stocks these investors have in their portfolios. Spiking allows users to ‘follow’ their favourite counters or celebrity investors, and keep tabs on their movements.

The app has the ability to track over 8,000 sophisticated investors and send users real-time notifications whenever they transact and made public their filings.

“We are in the business of big data analysis. We connect the dots. What matters is, who bought, which stocks, at what price, and when did it happen. We want to know the big stock players that move the stock prices,” said Clemen Chiang, the CEO and founder of Aly Pte Ltd, the holding company for Spiking.

“The app helps retail investors to make better investment decisions with greater confidence based on up-to-date market knowledge they never had before. It provides investors with timely and reliable data on which to form their investment strategy,” Chiang added.

Spiking is a verified social trading platform, supported by the National Research Foundation. It was made available for download on the iOS App Store starting April 1, while the Android version will be available on Google Play from mid-May 2016.

For the initial period, Spiking is available by invitation only. A thousand opinion leaders and investors will be invited to register. Each one will be able to invite 10 of their friends, with whom they can form a private chat group.

Premium services will soon be introduced, providing additional capabilities like data analytics and a trading platform, amongst others.

A special registration code will be extended to Singapore Business Review readers to access the app. The code for SBR readers is SBRspiking, and will be valid up to midnight of 2 May 2016. Each sign-up will have 10 invitations to extend to their friends.