Bitcoin Has Hit A Record New All-Time Price High, So What Now?
Bitcoin Has Hit A Record New All-Time Price High, So What Now?

Bitcoin Has Hit A Record New All-Time Price High, So What Now?

Bitcoin hit a record new all-time price high, it has more than doubled in price. Now what should bitcoin investors do? Check it out here.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Bitcoin is the world's first decentralised cryptocurrency - a kind of advanced resource that uses public-key cryptography to record, sign and send transactions over the Bitcoin blockchain.

The value of Bitcoin hit its all-time high simply a day after the first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) was launched on the New York Stock Exchange. On Thursday, October 21, the world's most-esteemed cryptocurrency was trading at $67,139, with a peripheral addition of less than 1 percent. The development comes like a much-needed refresher for Bitcoin investors, who have seen a major dip in the crypto-coin experience in recent days, particularly after September 15, when China criminalised and restricted all crypto-related activities.

Keeping things fascinating for crypto investors, Ether opened with a profit of 6.74 percent, according to the resources, the world's second most-esteemed cryptocurrency trading at $4317.72 per token.

"Bitcoin beat the $67,000 mark for the first time in history. The past 24 hours were extremely eventful days for both investors as traders as the crypto range made new highs. After all-time highs, we saw some gains in Bitcoin. The biggest Altcoin, Ether, proceeded with its positive momentum. A few other altcoins including Cardano, Ripple, Polkadot, and Dogecoin have also seen value climbs as of now.

In the meantime Tether and USD, Coin is among the couple of altcoins that have started the day with enlisting minor misfortunes. While countries like China and Russia are taking steps to check crypto-activities, the US is expanding ways of presenting more people to the crypto space.

For example, the newly launched Bitcoin Futures ETF on the New York Stock Exchange, is a trade exchange fund that allows people to directly gain exposure to the Bitcoin price without buying the cryptocurrency. Exchange-traded funds are managed monetary products that can represent a wide scope of various resources.

"Crypto is gaining its balance as an investment vehicle, and the rollout of an ETF could be a major step in that direction, said Lindsey Bell, chief investment strategist at Ally Invest. She said the fund's moves may not intently follow value changes in Bitcoin, making the ETF a flawed intermediary for investors.

Other Bitcoin futures ETFs are relied upon to begin trading in the coming weeks. They should open up another way into crypto markets for investors who "fear the regulatory uncertainty and risk" of buying Bitcoin directly. Indeed, recently the total capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies crosses an achievement of $2.5 trillion according to the resources.

While Bitcoin can be used as a currency - especially in El Salvador, which announced it legal tender this mid-year—its appeal lies almost entirely as a theoretical monetary venture. This meme-stock has been a favourite among the Reddit-wired crowd of young investors who view cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the joke-inspired Dogecoin as a pass to wealth and a thumb in the eye of the monetary foundation.

Like other trend investments, the price of Bitcoin has been wildly volatile. It traded at less than $12,000 a year ago, in the $30,000-range in January, rose to over $64,000 in April, then fell by more than half in July. Action by China against Bitcoin, as well as regulatory scrutiny around advanced resources and profit-taking people, has hindered the Bitcoin cost lately.

What Should Bitcoin Investors Do?

A new record high certainly doesn't mean Bitcoin's instability is finished - indeed, hope for something else. It is a beginning industry, and subsequently, it's profoundly unstable. Thus, keep your investments low enough. As such, don't invest so much that crypto's outrageous unpredictability can wreak havoc on your absolute stocks portfolio.

As a guideline, keep any speculative investment – ​​cryptocurrencies, specific ETFs, alternative resources — to under 5% of your all-out portfolio. It is also important to never invest in the cryptocurrency market at the cost of not meeting other financial goals,  like putting something aside for retirement or paying off high-interest debt.

However, if you've done these things and are considering what to do since Bitcoin has hit a new high: do nothing. Long-term investors should cling to their coins, and don't let the publicity of these daily swings affect their investment decisions. If you have confidence in the long-term potential of Bitcoin, simply don't mind it. It is the best thing you can do.

Expectations for the future value of Bitcoin vary depending on who makes the gauge. According to Jeremy Lew, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bitcoin could reach $500,000 per coin by 2030. As indicated by the June 2020 Crypto Research Report, the cryptocurrency prices could go more than $397,000 by 2030, yet others predict that Bitcoin is only an air pocket and they are useless, predicting a very low value in a decade.

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