Bios Equity Partners Insider Ownership Details by Dr Clemen Chiang
Bios Equity Partners Insider Ownership Details

Bios Equity Partners Insider Ownership Details

Get insider ownership details of Bios Equity Partners in Details in this article below. To track all Insider activities, check out Race to 100 page.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

A venture capital firm called Bios Partners seeks for and develops advanced biotech in underserved and untapped areas in the United States.

Bios Equity Partners II, L.P. Reports on Insider Ownership

According to ownership reports from SEC filings, Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN), Cognition Therapeutics Inc (CGTX), and IN8bio Inc (INAB) are the three firms that Bios Equity Partners Ii, Lp is the reporting owner of.

What is Lantern Pharma Inc?

A biotechnology business in the clinical stages is Lantern Pharma Inc. Its main goal is to speed up the drug formulation process while also identifying the patients who will profit from targeted oncology therapy by utilising artificial intelligence (A.I. ), machine learning, and genetic data. Four approved drugs and an Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) programme targeting eight therapeutic targets are both part of the company's development pipeline. Its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, RADR, utilises big data analytics and machine learning to quickly uncover biologically active genomic petitions correlated to drug action and then recognise the cancer patients we assume may profit most from our substances. RADR contains over 18 billion data points.

Who is Lantern Pharma Inc.'s top executives?

Lantern Pharma Inc. is 10% owned by Bios Equity Partners II, Lp. Fletcher Aaron G.l., who owns 10% of Lantern Pharma Inc., as well as Bios Capital Management, Lp and Bios Advisors Gp, Llc, each own 10% of the company.

Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN) Insider Trades Summary

Bios Equity Partners Ii, Lp has not engaged in any insider trading in Lantern Pharma Inc. across the past 18 months (LTRN). A net sell of 356,445 units by Bios Fund I, Lp and a net selling of 356,445 units by Leslie W. Kreis are two further notable insider transactions involving Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN).

In conclusion, insiders traded 700,000 shares of Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN) over the course of the last three months while also purchasing 0 shares, resulting in a net sell of 700,000 shares. Insiders released 712,890 shares of Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN) over the course of the previous 18 months while acquiring 0 shares, for a net sell of 712,890 shares.

The Insider Trading Tracker table contains the complete history of insider trading for Lantern Pharma Inc (LTRN).

Current Portfolio Companies

  • A commercial-stage medical device startup, 410 Medical is committed to creating cutting-edge devices that help front-line healthcare professionals offer better care for very ill patients.
  • A medical device firm called Abilitech Medical develops cutting-edge products that enable persons with upper-limb neuromuscular disorders to function on their own.
  • A clinical-stage pharmaceutical business called Actuate is dedicated to the creation and marketing of cutting-edge treatments for serious inflammatory and cancerous conditions.
  • Azitra is a clinical-stage medical dermatological startup that uses cutting-edge genetic engineering and the power of the microbiome to heal skin diseases.
  • Cognition Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CGTX) is a clinical-stage biotechnology firm with a portfolio of disease-modifying specific molecular therapeutic candidates that is focused on synapse health and repair in neurodegenerative illnesses.
  • The Novartis business Encore Vision is in the trial stages of researching innovative small molecule treatments for the applied topically of presbyopia, a disorder in which vision deteriorates with age.
  • A medical business called i-Lumen Scientific, Inc. is creating a transpalpebral microcurrent electrotherapy tool of the future that is non-invasive and intended to treat people with visual field loss brought on by retinal degeneration.
  • The goal of Immune System Programming (ISPTM), a ground-breaking technology platform developed by Immusoft Corporation (, is to treat diseases. ISPTM modifies a patient's B cells and directs the cells to produce gene-encoded medications (biologics) for rare genetic diseases.
  • A clinical-stage immune-oncology firm called IN8bio (NASDAQ: INAB) is dedicated to provide an innovative, over-the-counter cell therapy to treat cancer.
  • A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business called Lantern Pharma (NASDAQ: LTRN) innovates the repurposing, revival, and advancement of precision therapies in oncology. In order to identify patients who are more likely to react to our portfolio of cancer therapies, Lantern uses advancements in machine learning, genetics, and artificial intelligence.
  • Lung Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical firm in the early stages that was established to take advantage of decades of groundbreaking research in orphan lung areas where there are unfulfilled medical needs.
  • ONL Therapeutics is a firm in the trial stages with a revolutionary strategy for maintaining eyesight and reversing vision loss brought on by a variety of retinal diseases. The business is developing ground-breaking technology that will stop the activation of the Fas pathway from killing important retinal cells.
  • A vast pipeline of uncommon hereditary blindness disorders are being addressed by Opus Genetics, a preclinical startup that is investigating ocular AAV gene treatments.
  • An advanced macrophage cell therapy system is being developed by SIRPant Immunotherapeutics, a preclinical immuno-oncology business, for the cure of different types of solid tumors by facilitating patient immune response activation.
  • A preclinical biotechnology startup called Stream Biomedical is dedicated to using its modified perlecan domain V to create ground-breaking cures for severe neurodegenerative diseases like stroke.
  • Lead prospects for Taysha's large AAV gene therapy pipeline include treatments for the conditions GM2 gangliosidosis, Rett syndrome, including CLN1.
  • A preclinical biotechnology startup called Trefoil Therapeutics is working to create 1st pharmaceutical treatments for significant corneal endothelium illnesses and epithelial abnormalities using its altered fibroblast growth factor-1 protein (eFGF-1) technology company.

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