Best Dividend Stocks to Watch Out for in 2023
Best Dividend Stocks to Watch Out for in 2023

Best Dividend Stocks to Watch Out for in 2023

Discover the most promising dividend stocks of 2023, offering investors high returns and steady income with potential for long-term growth. Stay ahead of the market by keeping an eye on these top-performing companies.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

You may have read in the news about high-dividend companies and upcoming dividend stocks and pondered whether you should buy any of these high-dividend-producing companies. Investment in these companies has disadvantages; let's explore this further by starting with the basics.

How Do Dividends Work?

The total return on investment for a shareholder comes in the form of capital growth due to an increase in share value and dividend payments. Dividends are regular sums of money that businesses pay their shareholders out of their profits. In addition to cash, they can also take the shape of securities or other financial assets.

What Are Dividend Stocks, And Why Should You Buy Them?

A company that regularly distributes sizable dividends from its profits to its owners is said to have dividend stocks. Large dividend payouts could be considered by large, successful firms, in particular, if they believe that their stock prices would remain stable. This would satisfy current shareholders while also luring new ones, raising the stock price. Several times a year, some firms pay dividends in the form of total dividends and interim dividends.

Therefore, if a company that regularly distributes big dividends announces an impending dividend release, you should buy it because you will receive the dividend (by merely investing the share price at the time of purchase) and will probably benefit from capital growth in the near future. Last but not least, a company's capacity to declare dividends is a sign that it is both financially stable and growing.

It is imperative that you comprehend a few financial concepts linked to dividends before continuing to read about the top dividend-paying stocks in 2023:

To calculate dividend growth, divide the annual cash dividend paid by the corporation per share by the current stock price.

Dividend Yield is determined by multiplying the share price by the dividend per share.

The final dividend paid to shareholders is divided by the company's year-total profits to determine the payout ratio for dividends.

Avoid investing in stocks from companies that have an abnormally high dividend payment ratio (let's say 50%), as they may not have enough capital for growth and reinvestment. Top dividend-paying stocks in 2023 aren't always in your best interests, as a result.

Best Dividend Stocks to Watch Out for in 2023


Since its 2013 separation from Abbott Labs (ABT 0.36%), the pharmaceutical company AbbVie has a stellar dividend track record. AbbVie has grown its payout by an astounding 270% since its inception through early 2023. By increasing its distribution each year, Abbott's history of dividend growth has been continued by AbbVie.

Brookfield Infrastructure

Operating a diverse portfolio of infrastructure companies with an emphasis on utilities, transportation, energy midstream, and data is Brookfield Infrastructure. To fund their expanding dividend, the firms provide a comparatively steady cash flow. Early in 2023, the corporation announced that it had increased its payment for the 14th year in a row.

Over the long run, Brookfield plans to increase its dividend at a rate of 5% to 9% annually, driven by the organic development of its current companies and acquisitions. In 2022, it secured $2.9 billion in funding across five investments, which ought to support expansion over the ensuing few years.

Consolidated Edison

Consolidated Edison, also known as ConEd, is a gas and electric provider that serves the greater New York City area. ConEd has a strong history of paying dividends. For the previous 49 years straight, the firm has grown its payment, the longest stretch of any utility in the S&P 500 index. Most likely, the trend won't end soon. ConEd is constantly investing in growing its business, including more money spent on environmentally friendly endeavours as the American economy quickens its transition to cleaner energy sources.

Crown Castle International

A REIT with a particular focus on owning fibre optic cable, tiny cells, and cell towers in the United States is called Crown Castle. The next-generation 5G network for the mobile industry depends on this infrastructure. In order to fund 7% to 8% annual dividend growth, Crown Castle sees a long-term opportunity to invest in new 5G-related infrastructure. Since 2016, it has increased its dividend payment at a compound annual rate of 9%.

Digital Realty

Data Centre management is the primary emphasis of Digital Realty, a REIT. The business has a strong dividend track record. In 2022, it increased its dividend payment for the 17th year in a row. Given the requirement for new infrastructure to accommodate the rapid expansion of data globally, the rising trend should continue.


Enbridge, a major Canadian oil pipeline company, has consistently been a top dividend stock. It has increased its payout every year for the past 28 years while continuing to pay dividends for more than 68 years.

Enbridge is adjusting by investing in infrastructure to enable offshore wind farms and natural gas projects as the world switches its fuel supply from oil to cleaner substitutes. The firm is on track to expand its cash flow per share at a mid-single-digit annual rate for the foreseeable future as a result of the investments, which should support further dividend growth.

Gilead Sciences

One of the biotechnology industry's most alluring dividends is paid by Gilead Sciences. Since it began paying dividends in 2015, the company has a strong track record of doing so, increasing its distribution each year. The biotech is anchored by its potent HIV brand.

But Gilead has also been able to profit from Remdesivir, one of the few COVID-19 medicines that has received FDA approval. Other promising medications in the company's pipeline should support ongoing revenue growth in the future.

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