Trade It: Simple, Secure Stock Market Trading

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

With so much investors have to keep track of — news, disclosures, share prices and so on — there is an increasing demand for fintech that successfully streamlines the trading process. Founded with the aim of making trading easier for investors, Spiking is constantly on the lookout for ways to provide better service for its users.

This includes working with partners who complement Spiking’s capabilities, and who share its objective of helping investors make well-informed trading decisions. As a retail investing technology provider, Trade It is one such partner that has been helping Spiking serve investors in Singapore, one of the world’s leading financial hubs.

Trade It’s the Ticket!

Any app or website using Trade It’s technology makes it possible for investors to interact directly with any brokerage of their choice. App developers, publishers and exchange traded fund companies can use Trade It’s secure application programming interfaces and cloud technology to build a bridge, as it were, on their app, site or platform between a broker and its clients.

Trade It currently supports all major US brokers and is adding select international brokers this year.

Though the interface may vary according to the site or app, Trade It’s services are generally easy to use. These two main services are

1. Trading Ticket, which enables investors to buy and sell shares, and make market, limit, stop limit or stop market orders. All an investor has to do is pick out a broker, fill in the order entry Trading Ticket and click “Trade”.

2. Portfolio View, which allows investors to check their portfolio (account balance, holdings, transactions and order status) with any and all of their brokers in real time.

Trade It is not a broker or dealer, and acts only as a go-between or intermediary between a broker and investors. As such, it does not perform any brokering, clearing or executing for any investor who uses it on one of Trade It’s partner sites or apps.

After investors use Trade It to transact, they may login to their brokerage accounts or get in touch with their brokers directly to confirm their transactions.

Security is a Top Priority at Trade It

Trade It’s technology has the highest level of security — investors, as well as brokers, are assured that no one, not even Trade It itself, has access to their login details, financial information or to their respective accounts. Using the same security measures employed by banks and brokerages, Trade It

  • fully encrypts with 256-bit encryption and verifies brokerage information using VeriSign and TRUSTe
  • hosts its servers in physically secure locations with strict personnel entry and exit and CCTV monitoring
  • does not require its users to register or create an account, or otherwise ask for any personal information — brokerage login details are only used to connect investors with their brokers

Trade It advises its users to use it only on a partner site or app to guard against fraud. To make sure an app or website is a Trade It parter, users can check the growing partner list on the Trade It website. There are more than 45 mobile apps, websites and social media sites featuring Trade It, which has formed partnerships with some of the most trusted names in stock market trading.

Trade It Touches Base with Millennials

Having made investing in the stock market that much easier, IntelligentHQ says apps tend to make young investors want to start investing — thanks to characteristics like ease of use, effectiveness in building investor confidence, sleek design and even the “fun factor”. Many of these apps also make it a point to have what Mashable calls “social features”, that either mimic or connect to social media platforms like Facebook and Linked In.

By their very nature, trading apps and websites already have a foot in the door in terms of tapping the millennial market, which has literally been using this technology all their lives. MarketWatch says

  • millennials and men under the age of 34 turn to their mobiles for financial advice
  • investors younger than 35 prefer online tools for investing
  • women under age 30 are most likely to use their phones for investment product research

That said, Trade It’s technology, or anything that makes it even easier for millennials to use these sites and apps is more than welcome — again, not just by the investors, but by the sites and apps themselves. Trade It, as has been mentioned, supports a major US broker which MarketWatch also quoted as saying that more access to portfolios and financial data on wearable technology (like smart watches) may be expected in the future.

Work with Trade It and Spiking

Like its partner, Spiking, Trade It is looking to work with companies who want to help make investing easier for investors in general and millennials in particular. Trade It welcomes influencers who provide investing advice and stock tips for their followers on Twitter. USNews notes how young investors use Twitter and other social media tools to feel “more connected” with their advisors.

For its part, Spiking’s “social media-esque” set up makes it seem familiar and more inviting to millennials. Following celebrity investors and their trading activities in real time on the Singapore Exchange is not much different from following entertainment celebrities and their latest projects.

Young investors can also form discussion groups and talk about trades that they or someone they know have made, just as they would about a trip they went on or a party they went to. They can also compare notes and share their investment milestones or some friendly advice — even as they take their cue from more than 8,000 sophisticated Singaporean investors.

Spiking is open to partnerships with brokerages who want to establish or expand their digital services to reach millennials — brokerages who could benefit from Trade It’s cutting edge retail investing technology. To find out how Spiking’s real-time SGX updates on every stock spiking can boost a brokerage’s online performance, visit the Spiking app homepage today.

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