Spiking REST Model

Spiking’s REST Model: Your Path to Referrals and Rewards

Explore the new Spiking REST Model, designed to enhance your trading experience. Learn how to Refer friends and Earn rewards directly into your Spiking Crypto Wallet. Stay tuned for the upcoming Shop Globally and Track features!

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

At Spiking, we’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance your experience and add value to your trading journey.

Today, we're excited to introduce you to the Spiking REST Model — a comprehensive approach designed to enrich how you interact with our platform.

REST stands for Refer, Earn, Shop, and Track. In this blog, we’ll focus on the first two steps: Refer and Earn. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting Shop and Track features, which are coming soon!

What is the Spiking REST Model?

The Spiking REST Model is our new initiative to provide users with a seamless and rewarding experience on our platform. Each component of REST is tailored to make your journey with Spiking more engaging and beneficial:

  1. Refer: Invite friends to join Spiking and grow our community.
  2. Earn: Receive rewards for your referrals and enhance your trading capabilities.
  3. Shop: Soon, you’ll be able to use your rewards to shop globally with ease.
  4. Track: Soon, keep a close eye on your portfolio’s performance and stay informed about your investments.

Let’s Dive into the First Two Steps: Refer and Earn

📌 Step 1: Refer - Grow the Spiking Community

Sharing is rewarding with Spiking! The Refer step of the REST Model encourages you to invite your friends and colleagues to join our platform. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign In or Create An Account: If you’re not already a member of Spiking, join us and create an account at Spiking. Existing members can sign in to their account to access their referral dashboard.
  2. Get Your Unique Referral Link: Once logged in, head over to the referral section of your account. You’ll find a unique referral link that you can share with your network.
  3. Share and Earn: Share your referral link with friends, colleagues, or anyone interested in enhancing their trading experience. You will receive a notification when your friend joins us.
  4. Track Your Progress: Check your real-time reward balance shown on your Rewards Card

The Refer step is more than just inviting friends—it’s about building a network of savvy investors who can learn and grow together.

Rewards and Benefits

Referrer’s Rewards: As a referrer, you’ll receive several valuable rewards when your friends sign in and participate in our offerings

  • 1,000 COSY:  You’ll earn 1,000 COSY Coins for each friend who successfully creates an account at Spiking.
  • 5,000 COSY: If your friend completes our 4-Day Masterclass, you’ll receive an additional 5,000 COSY Coins.
  • 10% Commission: Earn a 10% commission on each friend’s purchases during the Masterclass. With an average purchase of $1,000, this means you can earn around $100 per friend!

Friend’s Rewards: Your friends benefit too! Here’s what they get:

  • 1,000 COSY: They’ll receive 1,000 COSY Coins just for creating an account at Spiking.
  • 5,000 COSY: If they complete our 4-Day Masterclass, they’ll receive an additional 5,000 COSY Coins.

Join us now and get your unique referral link to start earning!

📌 Step 2: Earn - Receive Rewards Directly to Your Crypto Wallet

Once your friends join Spiking through your referral, you can start earning rewards! With the integration of our new Spiking Crypto Wallet, you can seamlessly receive COSY Coins rewards directly into your wallet. Spiking’s new custody tool is powered by Social.live, ensuring your assets are managed securely and efficiently.

Key Features of the Spiking Crypto Wallet

  1. Automatic Wallet Creation: As soon as you sign in for a Spiking account, a personalized crypto wallet is automatically created for you. There’s no need for additional setup or configuration.
  2. Receive Rewards Directly: Your COSY Coins rewards from referrals are airdropped directly into your Spiking Crypto Wallet. This means you can start using your rewards immediately without any hassle.
  3. View Your Balance: The wallet interface provides a clear overview of your COSY Coins balance, along with any other supported cryptocurrencies you hold. It’s easy to keep track of your assets all in one place.
  4. Send and Receive Tokens: Beyond just holding COSY Coins rewards, you can also use your Spiking Crypto Wallet to send and receive tokens. Whether you’re transferring to a friend or receiving tokens from another source, the process is streamlined and secure.

⭐️ Read more about What is a crypto wallet?

The Earn step of the Spiking REST Model is all about maximizing your rewards through various engagements with Spiking. By participating in different activities and campaigns, you contribute to a vibrant trading ecosystem and earn valuable COSY Coins. With the Spiking Crypto Wallet, managing those rewards is simple and secure.

*Note: Currently, airdrops are being distributed as CPTS reward points. These points will be converted into COSY coins in the future.

📌 Coming Soon: Shop and Track

While the Refer and Earn steps are already enriching your Spiking experience, we’re excited to announce the upcoming Shop and Track features:

  • Shop: Soon, you’ll be able to use your COSY Coins rewards to shop for products and services around the world, right from within the Spiking platform. This will open up a new realm of possibilities for spending your rewards effortlessly.
  • Track: Keep a detailed eye on your investment portfolio with our comprehensive tracking tools. Focus on the Holy Grail Portfolios, which include Cryptos, Options, and Stocks. Analyze trends, monitor performance, and make informed decisions with ease.

Join Spiking Today and Start Referring!

Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities that the Spiking REST Model offers. Start referring to your friends today and enjoy the rewards of building and growing within our community.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Shop and Track features, which will further enhance your Spiking experience.

Create an account now and start building a legacy of wealth, securing your future and that of your loved ones!