Spiking Listing On Kryptono Exchange

Spiking Listing On Kryptono Exchange


Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang


Hi ,

It’s finally here.


Spiking’s listing on a cryptocurrency exchange is a significant milestone for all of us. Why?

1. From growth perspective, we are solidifying our stake and gaining more adoption in the cryptocurrency market.

2. In technology development, we are expanding our product array from stocks to cryptocurrencies to raise awareness.

3. On business front, we are announcing the launch of a full-service cryptocurrency exchange in Quarter 4 of 2019 to attract prospective customers to create accounts for trading! That is, you can trade directly with us, mirror the Whales, and enjoy all the benefits of SPIKE tokens… all at one exchange.

A detailed announcement will be made soon regarding this exciting development!

What does all these mean to you as a user?

Well simply, you can follow the Whales to mirror their trades and start using SPIKE tokens. And be equipped with the latest technology to empower your trading.

On this note, please review the following checklist:

#1 Deposits start 3pm SGT March 29

This applies only to those who are transferring the SPIKE tokens from their wallets to Kryptono Exchange. For those who bought the SPIKE tokens at Kryptono Exchange, you don’t have to do any deposits.

#2 Trading starts 3pm SGT April 1

In the beginning, trading is open for SPIKE/BTC pair. More currency pairs will be made available later as we monitor the stability of the cryptocurrency market.

#3 Airdrops between April 28–30

Airdrops will take place starting from April 28–30. In the past, we’ve seen how other projects failed miserably because of dumping actions caused by airdrops. In this regard, we need to provide stability for pending announcements in the future. To protect the interests of our project and supporters, airdrops will be distributed in twelve (12) tranches across the next twelve (12) months. For example, the first tranche will be 1/12 of the airdrop tokens.

#4 Spiking Promotion on Kryptono Exchange

Look out for the upcoming Spiking Promotion on Kryptono Exchange. This is an exclusive one-time offer for our most ardent supporters!

Beware of Scammers!

Beware of any person or party claiming to be from Spiking!
At all times, please visit this link if you need assistance from us: https://spiking.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
Please also ensure that you add our email info@spiking.com to your contact list or address book to receive timely email updates from us.

When you receive our email, mouse over “Spiking” at the address field and the above box will appear. Simply click “Add to Contacts”.

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I ♥️ Spiking Your Freedom. 
You’re Just One Spike Away!


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