Spiking ITO Public Sale → 3 Steps To Buy

When the initial token offering goes live, there will be no time to lose. Take these 3 steps today ahead of the pack!

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

When the initial token offering goes live, there will be no time to lose. 
Take these 3 steps today ahead of the pack!

How do you get started? The good news is that it is actually quite easy to take part in Spiking ITO Public Sale. Please keep in mind the following three steps which are explained with detailed description and infographics.

Step #1 → Complete Your KYC Process

Step #2 → Buy ETH To Transfer To Your Wallet

Step #3 → Transfer ETH From Your Wallet To Spiking

Let’s do it!

Step #1 → Complete Your KYC Process

Go through each of the ✅ to execute.

✅ Please visit https://spiking.io/registration

✅ Fill in your email address and click “Next Step”

✅ Check your inbox/spam for an email (from info@spiking.com) and click “Verify email to continue KYC”

✅ Upload your selfie

✅ Fill in your personal particulars

✅ Fill in your ETH wallet address

If you don’t have an ETH wallet address, click “Create One For Free”. It will take you to the page below 👇

✔️ Enter a password and click “Create New Wallet”.

Then the next page 👇

✔️ Click the “Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON).

✔️ Make sure you save this file “UTC — 2018–12- ” in a folder that you can retrieve in future.

✔️ Click the “I understand. Continue.”

Then the next page 👇

✔️ Save Your Private Key by clicking “Print Paper Wallet” and select “Save as PDF” as seen below 👇

✔️ Click the “Save Your Address. →”

Then the next page 👇

✔️ Select the option “Keystore / JSON File” and the right column will show as below 👇

✔️ Click the “SELECT WALLET FILE…” to retrieve the file “UTC — 2018–12- ” that you saved previously.

✔️ Please enter the password.

Now you can see all the information related to your ETH wallet as seen 👇

In the example above, the ETH Wallet Address is shown as: 0x59963DB74e0F129a627D785e4339929B4336A79f

Now you shall continue with the KYC Process…

✅ Fill in your passport number and upload a photo of it

✅ Check off the two boxes and click blue box “Finish KYC”

* If you have completed all the above fields correctly, then the blue box “Finish KYC” will appear 👆

** Once your KYC is approved, your wallet will be accepted by Spiking’s wallet to receive ETH

Step #2 Buy ETH To Transfer To Your Wallet

Go through each of the ✅ to execute.

✅ Please visit https://kryptono.exchange to open a new account

✅ Verify your email

✅ Login to your account and click “Buy Crypto” at the top header

✅ Buy ETH with your credit card (minimum amount $50)

✅ Transfer ETH from Kryptono Exchange to your wallet at Step #1

✔️ Go to Funds (top header) and select “Withdrawals” from the dropdown

✔️ Under the Address field, please key in your wallet address from Step #1

✔️ If you are buying 50 ETH in the Spiking ITO Public Sale, please make sure you transfer more than 50 ETH into your wallet (as there are transaction fee and gas fee during the transfer)

Below example shows 51 ETH under “You will get” 👇

* If you have transferred the ETH into your wallet successfully, please check your account at https://www.myetherwallet.com👆

** Once your wallet has received the ETH, your wallet is ready for the Spiking ITO Public Sale

Step #3 Transfer ETH From Your Wallet To Spiking

Please execute this step from December 12th, 2018 at 6pm (GMT +8) onwards! If you do it earlier, the Smart Contract will reject your transfer.

Go through each of the ✅ to execute.

✅ Please visit https://www.myetherwallet.com/#send-transaction

✅ Under the “To Address” field, please key in the Spiking Wallet Address below:


Spiking Wallet Address

✅ Under the “Amount to Send” field, please key in the amount of ETH you are sending to the Spiking Wallet Address

* If you have transferred the ETH from your wallet into Spiking Wallet Address successfully, the etherscan result will show

** Your wallet will receive SPIKE tokens



In order to qualify for Phase 1, you must be a Spiking user who has been using our App in the past or recently. 
The information about this Phase 1 is as follows:

  • Who is eligible → Exclusive to Spiking users only
  • What is the bonus → 30%
  • Where to purchase → Spiking.io or Kryptono.exchange
  • When is Phase 1 → December 12th, 2018, at 6pm (GMT +8)
  • Duration of Phase 1 → 72 hours
  • Minimum → 0.3 ETH
  • Maximum → 100 ETH
  • Life-time PRO Membership → 50 ETH or more*

* Receive life-time PRO Access to Premium features of Spiking App when your total contribution reaches 50 ETH. Only 100 slots available.

For detailed instructions on how to participate in the public sale, please visit our Medium

More information on Spiking ITO can be found at https://spiking.io

We’re available 24/7 to answer all your questions at our Telegram Group