Spiking: An Asset To Financial Freedom

Spiking: An Asset To Financial Freedom

As a young adult about to enter the job market, the thought of financial freedom simply equated to 1) securing a steady job and 2)…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang
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As a young adult about to enter the job market, the thought of financial freedom simply equated to 1) securing a steady job and 2) regularly setting aside a portion of my pay check to be deposited as savings. After all, savings could accumulate with annual interest in banks.

Yet, there remained a nagging doubt that this would be a tad too laidback. Perhaps a more proactive stance towards financial planning should be taken, but I had no idea where to begin.

A casual chat with some of my friends got me interested in taking a shot at the nascent cryptocurrency industry, potentially the fastest growing financial sector globally.

However, after watching various YouTube videos delineating the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrency and its intrinsic Blockchain technology, the divergent interpretations and perspectives I learnt felt too overwhelming.

It was then when I discovered an application called Spiking that could come in handy for first-time traders like me.

To begin with, Spiking allows new users to mimic the trading activities of whales, who are essentially big shots in the field with pivotal information that can determine the success of trades.

As such, it mitigates the problem of information asymmetry, which is usually exacerbated by noise traders (aka people who regularly lose) flooding the market.

How so? The platform incorporates RoboBull, a proprietary AI robot programmed to generate a register of whales. Whales are identified based upon an individual’s risk/reward ratio, which takes into consideration the status of transactions and reviews by followers.

With reliable and transparent information made available, users can then easily distinguish between the pro and bad traders, making informed and rational choices amidst the inevitable uncertainty pertaining to any investment.

Furthermore, Spiking offers a Certified Smart Trader (CST) Programme that can help beginners move along the steep learning curve.

By enrolling in the programme, students are entitled for virtual lessons delivered through an innovative telecommunication platform that allows for synchronous knowledge dissemination and collaboration.

Students are even rewarded for their exceptional performance in the programme in the form of SPIKE tokens. Such incentives encourage amateurs to avidly seek self-improvement and gain expertise in trading.

Thus, with such a low barrier to entry, financial freedom is no longer a faraway dream and anyone can become a proficient trader.

Keep a lookout for Spiking’s official launch in late 2018!

By Valerie Cheong, Events Management Associate

Drawing from its successful and rich experience in the stock market since 2016, Spiking is expanding to cryptocurrency trading! With its unique and powerful trading tool and its AI robot Robobull, Spiking enables traders to easily find whales and mirror the trades automatically. At Spiking, we strive to help traders make better decisions and take the steps toward fulfilling their dreams of achieving financial freedom. Check out Spiking App, Top Grossing Finance App at App Store & Google Play.

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