Sophisticated Investor Profile: Tsui-Hui Huang

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Helping businesses grow is what Miss Tsui-Hui Huang does best as Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Hotung Investment Holdings. Miss Huang has overseen Taiwan-based Hotung’s own growth as a venture capital and fund management company, and as a listed company on the Singapore Exchange.

Getting down to business

Miss Huang has a business degree from the National Taiwan University and an MBA from Cornell University in the United States. In 1988, she began working in mergers and acquisitions at the Bankers Trust Company. 10 years later, she had gone on to become Vice Chairman of Golden Securities, Taiwan’s first securities company with international shareholders.

It was also around this time when Miss Huang became Chairman of the International Business Committee of the Taiwan Securities Association, and the Board Director of OTC Securities Exchange. She has also been a board member of the Gretai Securities Market and the Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange.

Miss Huang’s Hotung Investment Holdings

Being a prime mover in Taiwan’s securities industry led to Miss Huang’s establishment of Hotung Securities International, a subsidiary of the Hotung Group in 1998. By then, she had already helped the Group to restructure and to list on the SGX Mainboard. In 2005, she became President of Hotung International Company, and by 2010 she had become Hotung Group Chairman.

As Chairman, Miss Huang has enabled Hotung’s portfolio expansion in China. Today, Hotung has had some 200 successful IPOs. The companies which Hotung has invested in have been listed on major Asian, European and American stock exchanges. 38 of its investees are listed on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, and more than 100 companies are on Taiwan’s OTC market and the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Hotung focuses especially on growing companies that are starting out or have begun to expand their business. Because of its track record in this area, Hotung has been sought by the Taiwanese government to take part in its investment programmes since 2011.

Miss Huang in action

Miss Huang’s latest trading activities include increasing deemed shares of Hotung Investment Holdings three times in April this year. The latest increase was on the 14th at SGD1.561. Miss Huang featured last April in Spiking’s Top 5 Buy/Sell of the Week.

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