Sophisticated Investor Profile: Lin Hao Yu

Go, explore, enhance your skills, and come back stronger. This is exactly what was done by Mr. Lin Hao Yu of Focus Lumber Berhad.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Go, explore, enhance your skills, and come back stronger. This is exactly what was done by Mr. Lin Hao Yu of Focus Lumber Berhad.

Mr. Lin studied and earned an Electrical & Mechanical diploma at the Advanced Vocational School of Agriculture & Technology in Sheng Li Gung Shan, Taiwan.

He moved to Malaysia in 1998 and worked as General Production Manager of Focus Lumber. Two years later, he vacated the position and took a job in Cambodia. From 2000 to 2003, he worked as Production and Human Resource Manager at a veneer production factory.

However, in 2004, Lin decided to return to Malaysia and joined a company that was involved in sawmilling. For about four years, he held the position of Production Manager. His job function extended into the marketing and sales department.

Over the years, Mr. Lin has gained substantial experience in production, marketing, and human resources. He also became familiar with the timber industry in Sabah, Malaysia, including its lumber concession and trading operations.

With his skills and experiences, Mr. Lin felt he was ready to put up his very own business. Thus, he established a sawmill factory in 2009. His company maintained its operations until 2015.

On July 15, 2016, Focus Lumber Berhad announced that Mr. Lin has rejoined the company; this time, as Executive Director. He has about 18 years of working experience in the timber industry.

At the present time, Mr. Lin is reportedly studying for a diploma degree in Taiwan Shou Fu University.

Green and Growing

In October 1989, Focus Lumber Berhad was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited liability company. Then, on April 28, 2011, the company listed its shares on the Main Board of Bursa Securities.

The company is involved in the manufacturing and trading of plywood, veneer and Laminated Veneer Lumber (“LVL”). Plywood, as its core product, generates the majority of the Group’s revenue.

As a certified Lacey Compliant Wood Products Manufacturer by Benchmark International, LLC (BMH) under the BMH Lacey Compliance Verification (LCV) Program, foreign customers are assured that the company’s source of forest products is legal and in accordance with international law.

Also, Focus is an investment holding company.

Mr. Lin in Action
This timber magnate is a Spiking Millionaire. On May 2nd, Mr Lin increased his indirect shares of Focus Lumber for 100K. He is currently holding 6.6% of direct shares and 2.5% of indirect shareholding at Focus. As of May 3rd, his shares had a total value of over MYR15 million.

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