Sophisticated Investor Profile: Lim Kok Seng

Mr Lim Kok Seng is the sole shareholder and a director of First Continental Investment Limited. If you’re looking for shares to buy, take…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Mr Lim Kok Seng is the sole shareholder and a director of First Continental Investment Limited. If you’re looking for shares to buy, take cues from Mr Lim and see why he currently puts stock in ISR Capital Limited.

Bullish Bluewhale

Mr Lim is an experienced investor who has participated in trading activities with deemed interest for ISR Capital Limited. He is one of the prominent shareholders along with David Francis Rigoll, who is a member of ISR’s Board of Directors, and Tong Chen, who is ISR’s Executive Chairman.

ISR Capital provides investment services such as proprietary investment and investment advisory ―both listed and unlisted―in Singapore and across Pan-Asia. The company has established a number of subsidiaries which includes Infiniti Advantage Pte Ltd, Raintree Strategic Consultancy Limited, Dynamic Return (Singapore) Pte Ltd, ISR Global Pte Ltd, ISR China Limited and ISR Shanghai Investment Advisory Co Ltd.

The company has recorded a number of investment milestones such as:

  • NV Multi Asia Sdn Bhd — Over a 2-year period, the company garnered a 97% return on investment from its entry to its exit valuation.
  • Chaswood Resources Holdings Limited — After a 2-year investment period, the company gained a 266% return on investment.
  • CNMC Goldmine Holdings Ltd — Over a 4-year investment period the company accrued a 1,465% return.
  • Signature Metals Limited- The company had an exit valuation of its investments during a 2-year investment period of a 60% return on investment.
  • Hudson Minerals Holdings Pte Ltd — The company has recorded a 48% return on investment, for a 2-year investment period.

In 2015, the company reported a revenue of SGD 3 million, which was an increase compared to the gains in the preceding year with SGD 131,000.

Last week on the 6th of April, the company issued 12,500,000 conversion shares. The total number of issued and paid-up shares of the company increased from 2,076,749,336 shares to 2,089,249,336 shares.

Mr Lim in Action
Mr Lim’s latest trading activities include buying 58.4 million deemed shares of ISR Capital Limited in July 2015. He bought another 58.4 million deemed shares of the same stock at SGD 0.005 lin April 2016. Follow Mr Lim’s trading activities at and track ISR Capital’s market performance at

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