Sophisticated Investor Profile: Kwa Chong Seng

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

The new Chairman of the Singapore Exchange, Mr. Kwa Chong Seng is no stranger to the management of the country’s stock market. Before his appointment to head the SGX last month, he was a Non-Executive and Independent Director since 2012, and Lead Independent Director of the SGX since 2013.

Mr. Kwa has also served on the boards of several companies across various industries, which include oil and gas, shipping, agribusiness, engineering, banking and mass media. Discover top stocks in each of these industries — use the Spiking app now.

Chairman of the Boards

As one of the National University of Singapore’s Distinguished Engineering Alumni, Mr. Kwa earned his mechanical engineering degree in 1969. He went on to chair several boards, including those of

· Exxonmobil Asia Pacific,
· Esso China
· Neptune Orient Lines
· Singapore Technologies Engineering
· Olam International
· Fullerton Fund Management
· MediaCorp
· DBS Bank Hong Kong

Use Spiking to track the performance of these and other companies. In a 2015 article by Stanley Leong for the Overseas Singaporeans Unit, Mr. Kwa says that while his many board memberships do not qualify him as an expert in any particular industry, he appreciates how they have given him collective experience that has broadened his mind.

Outside of the Boardroom

Apart from reading and contemplating playing the piano, which are leisure activities he mentions in Overseas Singaporeans, Mr. Kwa has been busy outside of the boardroom as well. He’s been Deputy Chairman of Singapore’s Public Service Commission since 1997, and Director of the Defence Science and Technology Agency.

Mr. Kwa was also a member of the management board at the Energy Studies Institute between 2007 and 2009. He is likewise a Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore. He received honorary Ningbo Citizenship in 1999, and the Singapore Public Service Star in 2005.

Mr. Kwa in Action
Mr. Kwa’s latest trading activities include buying a total of 300,000 direct shares of Singapore Technologies Engineering at SGD3.20, SGD3.22 and SGD3.23 last April. Mr. Kwa has a portfolio worth SGD5.53 million which includes shares of Neptune Orient Lines and Olam International.

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