Sophisticated Investor Profile: Koh Kian Kiong

As an investor and as a corporate head honcho, Mr Koh Kian Kiong knows how to go with the flow. During his more than 30 years in oil and…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

As an investor and as a corporate head honcho, Mr Koh Kian Kiong knows how to go with the flow. During his more than 30 years in oil and gas, Mr Koh has developed just as keen an insight into timing his investment activities, as he has into what makes the industry tick.

Mr Koh co-founded investment holding company Federal International (2000) in 1974, and since become its executive chairman and CEO. The company’s trading business supplies flow line control products and fire protection and detection systems, while its manufacturing, design and research and development business develops flow line control products and high pressure and temperature valves.

Federal International also has a marine logistics business which charters vessels for oil and gas and other industries, as well as an energy and utilities business which is involved in waste water treatment. The company’s other two businesses are resources, which focuses on coal and other natural resources; and corporate, which operates and maintains oil and gas facilities.

Playing the Field

Federal International likewise has subsidiaries which include Federal Energi and PT Federal International. Its associate company, PT Gunanusa Utama Fabricators, is a contractor for PTT Exploration and Production, Thailand’s national oil company.

Both Federal International and Gunanusa were featured last October in NextInsight, which quoted Mr Koh as saying that the two companies were going to be busy until 2018 working on the Zawtika IC Project, the largest offshore gas field in Myanmar. Such activity has enabled Federal International to pay a dividend of 1.5 cents a share for FY2015, making a dividend yield of 5.2% based on its stock price of 29 cents at the time.

Barely a month earlier, Asia Insider reported that Mr Koh had increased his direct holdings of Federal International by 7% to 12.240 million shares, or 8.69% of the company’s issued capital — this, following his purchase of 800,000 shares at SGD0.285. Mr Koh also has a deemed interest of 11.750 million shares or 8.35%. A month before that, Asia Insider had also reported that Mr Koh bought 100,000 shares of Federal International following a 43% drop in its share price.

Mr Koh in Action

Mr Koh’s latest trading activities include buying 240,800 direct shares of Federal International at SGD0.259 on January 18th, and buying 558,200 more direct shares of the same company at SGD0.24 on the 4th. Follow the investing action of Mr Koh Kian Kiong at, and the performance of Federal International (2000) at

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