Sophisticated Investor Profile: Edward Lim Chin Wah

A sure-shot on the bourse as well as in the board room, Mr Edward Lim Chin Wah is both executive chairman and director, and a sophisticated…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

A sure-shot on the bourse as well as in the board room, Mr Edward Lim Chin Wah is both executive chairman and director, and a sophisticated investor of Starburst Holdings. Starburst is an engineering group based in Singapore that specialises in the design and engineering of firearms-training facilities. The group has been on the up and up lately, which reflects in Mr Lim’s recent investment activities on the stock market.

Man of Steel

Mr Lim has more than 30 years of experience in engineering and structural steel fabrication. He received his Technician Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic, which he put to good use at Bethlehem Pte Ltd as a senior engineering assistant. There, he designed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and painting and corrosion prevention systems, and helped in the procurement of machinery for oil drilling rig construction.

He later became a project manager at Tri-Co Engineering, where he designed and managed projects involving HVAC and cold-room systems. It was around that time that Mr Lim decided to start his own structural steel fabrication company, IEC Insulation & Engineering Construction. By 2005, he was executive director of the IEC Group where he was solely responsible for the company’s steel structural business and coating and aluminium fabrication business.

Star of Starburst

After his stint at IEC, Mr Lim joined Starburst, where he now oversees technical and engineering operations and is responsible for engineering activities. Starburst started out in 1999 as Starburst Engineering, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group. The group serves law enforcement, military and security agencies in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

On top of firearms-training facilities, Starburst also designs, fabricates, installs and maintains anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems for firearm shooting ranges and tactical training mock-ups. The group is an ISO-certified supplier and installer of

  • Detention and security cells
  • Bullet containment systems
  • Anti-ricochet lining systems
  • Defence and military training facilities
  • Structural steel works

Starburst listed on the Catalist in July 2014 — Mr Chong Ser Jing of Motley Fool quoted Mr Lim as saying at the time, that there were opportunities for companies like Starburst because of an increase in political instability, security needs, technological advancements and the changing nature of modern combat.

Mr Lim in Action

Mr Lim’s latest buying and selling activities include buying 140,200 direct shares of Starburst Holdings at SGD0.194 toward the end of last December. He had also purchased 194,600 direct Starburst shares on the same day at SGD0.195. Follow the trading action of Mr Edward Lim Chin Wah at, and the performance of Starburst Holdings at

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