SGX Stock Investor Profile: Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd

Incorporated in January 1996, Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited (SIHL) is a conglomerate company consisting of real estate…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Incorporated in January 1996, Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited (SIHL) is a conglomerate company consisting of real estate, infrastructure, and consumer products businesses.

In that same year, the company listed its shares on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong with an initial public offering which was raised to HKD1.08 billion.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, SIHL is under the control of Shanghai Industrial Investments (Holdings) Co., Ltd (SIIC), the largest overseas conglomerate enterprise under the Shanghai municipal government. SIIC owns about 59% shareholding of SIHL.

SIHL is heralded as the flagship of the SIIC group of companies.

The company’s real estate business is composed of property development and property investment in both residential and commercial properties. Its major assets include the Hong Kong-listed SI Urban Development and the Shanghai-listed SI Development.

The division is focused on investing in relatively low-cost land resources and prime-quality management and operations teams.

As for its infrastructure division, SIHL capitalizes on toll roads, water services, and investment into the new business arena. Currently, it owns three trunkline toll roads in Shanghai and two water services platforms, including SIIC Environment and General Water of China, a local water services company in China that is listed on the SGX stock market.

Meanwhile, SIHL’s consumer products are from Nanyang Tobacco and Wing Fat Printing. These companies have a prominent position in the tobacco and printing and packaging markets, respectively.

The Red Chip
In a span of 20 years, with its three core businesses, SIHL has become the leading red chip company in Hong Kong. It has established an investment portfolio by means of mergers and acquisitions involving a number of quality assets in core business divisions. Up to this day, the company provides promising returns and value for shareholders.

In its 2016 fiscal year, SIHL had total assets of about HKD151.2 billion and profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of HKD2.903 billion.

SIHL in Action
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited is a premier SGX market investor and a certified Spiking millionaire. On May 9th, SIHL increased its deemed shares of SIIC ENVIRONMENT HOLDINGS to 350 million at SGD0.63, which allows it to hold 45.94% indirect shares of the said company. As of this writing, SIHL has a total share value of over SGD660 million.

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