Meet John, Part of the Spiking Big Family

Spiking has been around for some time now, and being a social trading company that we identify ourselves as, we like to think of our users…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Spiking has been around for some time now, and being a social trading company that we identify ourselves as, we like to think of our users as a big family. If you are reading this now, chances are you are also part of the family.

As a small initiative to learn more about our family and listen to what people have to say, we started asking for users to come and have a chat with us. One of the first few users that we met were John, an entrepreneur who is a big gadgets fan. We had a small chat with him and he gave us some insightful ideas.

At his approval, we are publishing part of our conversation below.

Q: How long have you been investing?
A: I’ve been investing, not on professional income-generation grounds for more than 10 years now.

Q: Have your skills in the stock market improved in the span of that 10 years?
A: Learning from publicly listed companies and how they are being run has helped me tremendously in running my own business.

Q: How frequent do you invest and how are you deciding which stocks to buy?
A: About once a month. Sometimes I get recommendations from friends, or if something comes up in the news and I see potential.

Q: Can you tell what Spiking is trying to achieve?
A: Yes! The power of the software and technical analysis, and helping investors to invest more wisely.

Q: How long have you been using Spiking?
A: About three to four months now, I got to know about it when I was randomly browsing the App Store one day.

Q: Do you also use other apps about the stock market?
A: Yes I do, but other apps are more like the ones from brokerage houses and financial portals. Spiking is a very useful add-on to my list of information gathering arsenal.

Q: Has Spiking changed the way you invest in the stock market?
A: It has become one of my sources of information that I will have a look at before I commit anything to any stocks. Before I started using Spiking, to gather information we will have to go to SGX website and it’s quite a very boring process. Spiking has made the experience seamless.

Q: What do you like mostly about Spiking and what would you change?
A: I like the fact that it’s very stable, I have never experienced any crashes, unlike some other apps. I would like to see more information, such as the charts that are on the Spiking Finance site inside the app. I also think the iPad version can have more functions to make use of the bigger screen real estate.

We thank you John for sharing with us his thoughts and we are always looking for users to come in and talk to us.

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