Innovalues Case Study: How Spiking Helps You to Be One Step Ahead of the Game

Spiking believes in one theory — investing on the shoulders of giants. By studying and following the stock moves of Sophisticated Investors…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Spiking believes in one theory — investing on the shoulders of giants. By studying and following the stock moves of Sophisticated Investors (Blue Whales, Millionaires, and Billionaires), we are able to indirectly have access to the information the big players have in the stock market. These are influential investors who do their due diligence before they commit to a particular stock and retail investors can’t easily compete with their access to corporate boardrooms. By thoroughly studying companies and understanding the substantial shareholders behind them, retail investors can learn who is behind the scene and what might be a game-changer.

In early September, during our first public workshop, Spiking’s founder Clemen used ten case studies to illustrate how Spiking could empower a whole new generation of stock investors. In one of the case studies, Clemen opined that retail investors should invest in Innovalues, a company which specialises in the manufacturing of customised precision machine parts and components. Almost two months later, a takeover of S$331.4m by private equity firm Northstar was announced a few days ago.

Spiking helps our users to spot such opportunities. No frills and no qualms. Our users “follow” investors or companies and receive real-time notifications when transactions are made. With this kind of information in hand, users can have a seamless experience when studying certain stocks in the market and join the dots together very quickly when they spot a pattern among stocks, investors or companies.

In the true sense of Spiking’s mission to democratise the stock market, the Spiking team is working hard day and night to prepare for a next version upgrade. In Q1 2017, Spiking will have much more features for our users. Our artificial intelligence engine will automatically suggest you the best stocks to trade on a particular day. Users will also have the options to trade virtually in 10 stock markets across 8 countries to train themselves to “trade like a Blue Whale”. Real trading in collaboration with brokerage houses will also be slowly rolled out.

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