Fluence Energy Appointed Julian Nebreda As CEO
Fluence Energy Appointed Julian Nebreda As CEO

Fluence Energy Appointed Julian Nebreda As CEO

Fluence energy a leading firm, appointed Julian Nebreda as CEO. Check out the article to know more about Julian Nebreda Biography!

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Fluence Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLNC), a top supplier of digital innovations for renewable power storage as well as energy storage products and services, announced today that existing board member Julian Nebreda would prosper Manuel Pérez Dubuc as the company's president and CEO on September 1, 2022.

Since September 2021, Mr Nebreda has been on the board of company directors. Mr. Nebreda's latest position was as The AES Corporation's ("AES") Executive Vice President and President of US & Global Business Lines. In this capacity, Mr. Nebreda was in charge of AES's' clean energy business' expansion into the US, which involved the creation and application of strong supply chain strategies.

Previously, Mr. Nebreda oversaw the business divisions for AES companies with publicly traded stock in South America and Europe. Mr. Nebreda worked in the public and commercial sectors before joining AES.

Mr. Nebreda stated, “I am thrilled to lead Fluence into the next chapter of its maturity and expansion. This business has enormous potential, and Fluence is ideally situated to profit from the wider energy revolution. As we move Fluence to another level of success, we'll concentrate on generating sustainable profitability and keeping up with the growth opportunities presented by our emerging sector.

About Fluence Energy, Inc.

Fluence Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLNC) is a market superpower in the global for digital innovations for renewable energy and energy storage, as well as for energy storage goods and services. Fluence, which has a presence in 30 markets worldwide, offers an ecosystem of products and services to support the development of renewable energy, such as modular, customizable energy storage goods, extensive service options, and the Fluence IQ Platform, which offers digital applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for managing and optimizing renewables and storage from every provider. By assisting clients in building more durable and sustainable electric networks, the firm is revolutionizing how we power our planet.

With effect from August 5, 2022, Mr. Nebreda will still be a member of the Company's Board but will no longer be a part of the Board's Compensation Committee.

Mr. Nebreda, 56, most recently held the positions of Executive Vice President and President of US & Global Business Lines for The AES Corporation prior to his appointment with the Company since January 2022.

The resignation of Mr. Nebreda, which will take effect on August 31, 2022, has been communicated to AES. Mr. Nebreda held the position of president of AES' South America Strategic Business Unit (SBU) between October 2018 to January 2022 before taking on his most recent position at the company. Mr. Nebreda presided over AES's Brazil SBU between April 2016 and October 2018 and its Europe SBU from 2009 to April 2016. Prior to it, starting in 2005, Mr. Nebreda held a number of other top positions in AES. In the past, Mr. Nebreda held the positions of Chairman of the Board at the publicly traded businesses AES Andes and AES Brasil in Chile and Brazil, correspondingly. Mr. Nebreda worked in both the public and commercial sectors prior to joining AES.Mr. Nebreda and any senior officer or company director do not have any familial ties. In accordance with the Company's Stockholders Agreement, signed October 27, 2021, by even amongst the Company, Siemens Industry, Inc. ("Siemens Industry"), AES Grid Stability, and Qatar Holding LLC, Mr. Nebreda has represented as another of AES Grid Stability, LLC's ("AES Grid Stability") personal representative on the Company's Board. This was publicly reported in the Company's documents filed with the SEC.

Julian Nebreda Biography

Mr. Nebreda has experience working in both the public and commercial sectors. At the Inter-American Development Bank, he was the executive director's counselor for Venezuela and Panama.

Venezuela's Universidad Católica Andrés Bello is where Mr. Nebreda obtained his law degree. Additionally, he obtained from Georgetown University a Master of Laws in Securities and Financial Regulations and a Master of Laws in Legal System on a Fulbright Fellowship.

Trading by insiders at AES

Insiders at AES have purchased 4,139,425 units valued at $61,373,557 and sold approximately $865,277,059 of AES stock over the past 19 years. Among the most active insiders traders usually involve Investment Corp China Inves..., Jeffrey W Value Act Holding..., and Andres Gluski. Once 63 days on average, AES executives and autonomous directors transact shares, with the average transaction valued at $31,380,287.

James H. Miller made the most recent stock transaction on June 1, 2022, exchanging 19,280 shares of AES stock for $274,933 in total.

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