Factors to Consider Before Investing In AI by Dr Clemen Chiang
Factors to Consider Before Investing In AI

Factors to Consider Before Investing In AI

When considering investments in AI, it is crucial to assess the business's readiness for implementation and evaluate the potential impact on existing processes, while also considering ethical implications and long-term scalability.

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

Any legal professional may find AI appealing if the instrument makes time savings claims for jobs with high value. Although there are numerous options available, it's crucial to understand what to think about before making a purchase.

Let's talk about the most crucial factors you should consider before making your choice. These are the top 6 crucial elements.


The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that your investment in AI technology should enable you to save time, not the other way around. Avoid solutions that need your personnel to undergo extensive training. You should consider how this technology will help you save time. Is it intended to educate a computer to extract data, or can I read contracts with it more quickly? When will the platform setup be completed? Is the dashboard simple to use and intuitive? Does it provide pre-made checklist templates that I can edit to meet my needs or use right away? It will be easier to ensure a seamless onboarding process if you keep all of these questions in mind.


Warren Buffet, a renowned investor, suggested that you only invest in things you are familiar with. This holds a great deal of truth. You cannot grasp what a good investment is or its prognosis for the future if you know nothing about AI or the business. That implies that you must enter the industry, which can be accomplished through extensive research.

Getting someone to invest for you is the greatest option if you already have too many time restrictions. Numerous financial service providers can assist with this. Hargreaves Lansdown is one of the several instances found online. They are an FTSE 100 firm that provides guidance and a reliable investment platform so you can have as much independence or help as you require.

Once you are aware of the market and have narrowed down your alternatives, investigate the potential business. Examine its procedures, long-term goals, and past performance.

Even if the sector seems promising, investing in AI is a high-risk move that will probably also reap large profits. Start by evaluating a company's stock's volatility in comparison to the market at large. It might not be a safe investment if it fluctuates. By calculating a company's beta, you can accomplish this. The next step is for you to decide if this level of risk is appropriate for your investing style.

You can invest in well-known businesses that make significant AI investments if you choose a less hazardous option. For instance, Amazon is a reliable stock that constantly invests in the industry's R&D.

Keep Watching the Market

Following your initial investment, it is up to you to monitor its development and performance. To track changes in pricing, make frequent checks. Additionally, you must pay attention to the sector itself. A stock's performance is susceptible to everything from labor shortages to natural calamities and political changes. Keep an eye out and consider the risk. Don't be frightened to let it go if you decide that the moment is right to sell.

Always be conscious of the possibility that you could lose money when investing. However, using these tactics, you ought to be able to establish the conditions and standards necessary to recognize and maintain a sound AI investment.

You should not feel as though you will miss out if you decide to invest elsewhere if it does not seem like the correct industry for you.


It's crucial that your equipment can be modified if your company conducts business internationally. The question, "Can the system be used on different kinds of projects?" should be asked at this point. Today's legal technologies frequently use publicly accessible contracts to train their artificial intelligence (AI) in English. Users of this method can ask simple inquiries and receive some respectable answers, but only in English. Although the pre-trained model may save you time in the beginning, it is unlikely to accomplish your end goal of purchasing an AI product. This is due to the fact that pre-trained models cannot produce results of the same caliber in languages other than their own. As a result, users who work with material in various languages would need to train the AI in their mother tongue from scratch, which would take too much time and money to even begin.

You should be able to transfer information between languages in addition to between various question, and contract forms thanks to the technology you invest in. In various languages, it ought to be able to give a higher level of accuracy than anticipated. As a result, it is more economical when quick adaptation and the best outcomes are needed.

Compatibility and Integration

The AI technology you select should work with your existing systems and procedures. To provide a seamless billing and invoice-generating process, your AI tool can interface with your invoice tool. For instance, simple capabilities like the ability to attach subject and customer numbers to your various projects can help.

View how AI fits into your company's legal technology roadmap and how you can integrate AI technology into your legal department's procedures to save time, increase productivity, and cut costs by downloading our most recent whitepaper, "A Pragmatic Approach to AI in the Legal Department."


Can your AI technology perform tasks other than data extraction and analysis? Your contract review process might be sped up depending on the AI solution you use. You might not save as much time as you thought you would if you then have to spend time pulling the data from the system and altering it to make it presentable to your clients. The AI tool you use should assist you by not only extracting the material for you but also checking the outcomes of the AI analysis and modifying the comments and replies in a manner that is client-ready. You should be able to discover solutions and visualize the data in previously unthinkable ways that have a substantial influence on the choices you make on a daily basis.

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