Case Study: Best World International Ltd.

We’ve been looking into different companies that have shown stellar performance in recent months in terms of revenue growth and stock…

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang
SGX Stock Code: 5ER / Stock Price: 1.74 SGD

We’ve been looking into different companies that have shown stellar performance in recent months in terms of revenue growth and stock market activity, and this company caught our attention. A heads-up for investors who want to guarantee a substantial return on their bucks―Best World International, Ltd takes the spotlight today.

For direct-selling companies, it can be seen as a disadvantage to have less control from top management towards distributors, compared to its internal employees. However, for Best World, this was no hindrance if we look at the figures and the company’s outstanding performance in past months.

Since its listing back in 2004, the Singapore-based company expanded its key markets in various countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Indonesia and China. In the first quarter of 2016, the company launched a new product as well as an online store that collectively garnered a 352.9% increase in revenue. In the same period, revenue from China increased by 242.2%, which can be attributed to higher export orders.

In Indonesia, the 199.8% revenue increase was attributed to a successful series of promotional campaigns, especially for its weight management line. Best World is poised to grow its market share in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Korea.

The company’s stock market performance doesn’t say otherwise. Back in July 2016, it was reported that Best World’s stock price soared from 33.5 cents at the start of the year to $1.685. The management attributed the surge from its successful licensing deals to its agents in China.

Founded in 1990, Best World focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of premium skincare, personal care, nutritional and wellness products to discerning customers around the world. The company has 12 regional centres, 51 lifestyle centres and approximately 429,000 independent distributors and registered consumers.

Prominent investors include Doreen Tan Nee Moi (Best World International’s Co-Chairman and President), Dora Hoan Beng Mui (Best World International’s Co-Chairman and Managing Director) and Huang Ban Chin (Best World Lifestyle Pte Ltd’s Chief Operating Officer). Its corporate investor, D2 Investment Pte Ltd has been buying Best World shares since 2014. Follow Best World International Ltd. at

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