5 features that will make you download Spiking right away!

At Spiking, our mission is to help you make better investment decisions with greater confidence. Let’s explain how!?

Dr. Clemen Chiang
Dr. Clemen Chiang

At Spiking, our mission is to help you make better investment decisions with greater confidence. Let’s explain how!?

1. You can access rapidly to up-to-date market knowledge

As time is money, we provide you with real-time verified information on trades as well as the latest news and data about stock markets. Spiking analyses those news, tweets and other social networks and present it to you so you can understand the spikes behind the stock market. That way, you will have more time to form your investment strategy and less time wrangling data.

At your disposal, you have the “stock cards” which are an overview of a company listed on a specific stock market. You’ll find on those cards: the price of a share, basic information of the company, spikes, top shareholders, buy/sell transactions, announcements & news. That is to say, a consistent summary of every key information available online.

2. You can manage your cross-border portfolio and jump between live and virtual trading

Manage your portfolios at a glance not only in SGX but also in BM and HKSE. Live trading isn’t available yet but you can enter it manually to have a broader vision of your investments. To be clear, you will do virtual trades BUT you will have access to real-time verified data (marked with a blue tick).

And in case you were wondering, Spiking uses the best technology in the industry to safeguard your data and your privacy. You will never have to worry about disclosing information you don’t want to!

3. You can (finally) figure out what’s going on in the stock market

Finding financial reports or one particular ratio can sometimes be a real treasure hunt. However, when big money is at stake you’d better take a look at those reports.

Luckily, our wonderful team has already gathered all those information and made it accessible to you — in a more friendly way-.

You can have access to:

  • Ratios like growth rate, current ratio, long term debt…
  • Key metrics like the book value, market capitalisation, total liabilities…
  • Financial Reports (Balance Sheet, Income statement)

Those key metrics will undeniably help you build a rational behind your investment decisions.

4. You can spy on sophisticated investors and track their stock moves

Spiking provides you access to the newest transactions of sophisticated investors. Be them, Billionaires, Millionaires or Blue Whales aka sophisticated Investors who invest in firms that benefit from growing consumption. Indeed, investors who accumulate a 5% stake in a publicly traded company are required to disclose their stake within 10 days. You will no longer have to struggle to find those information in multiple sources. Our app puts over 60,000+ sophisticated investors in your palm which enables you to track their stock moves, discover patterns in their decisions and give you investment ideas. So if you don’t feel so confident about when to Buy? Sell ? or Hold a Stock? let them guide you and set price alerts! Typically, our users set price alerts below the transacted prices of the sophisticated investors. In this way, they gain a psychological edge over them.

5. You can get tips for trading regularly

We believe in the power of the crowd (#crowdsourcing) so don’t hesitate to join our Facebook group “Stock Spiking On Big Investors” and jump in the conversation. In the group we share tips for trading, discuss investment, overcome psychological hurdles, understand the market and post updates on big investors.

Give it a shot & download our app now on Google Play or Apple Store!