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Wealth Management Software
Spiking Wealth Management System is software powered by Spiking artificial intelligence that will help you start your trading journey with top Spiking products like Daily Bread, Resurrection, Triangulation, GOAT, YOLO, GRIT, Will It Spike and Top 100.
Will It Spike?
Will it Spike is one of the Spiking products in Spiking Wealth Management System. It predicts the top stocks that is going to rise in a short period of time.
Spiking Wealth Community Network
Lead by Dr. Clemen Chiang, Spiking Wealth is an online network where you can take part in daily interactions with Dr. Clemen Chiang and the other members, share our stories, experiences, and ideas on generational wealth and wisdom
Spiking Robot 🤖
Let the Spiking Robot give share his insights with you! Everyday at 6.30pm SGT, our Spiking Robot shares his top 3 stocks with you!
Live Courses
Insider Trading Masterclass
New to Stocks Trading or Spiking? How to interpret all the massive pieces of information, link the dots together, and make a move on the market? Join this Insider Trading Masterclass over 2 Days to Get You WAR FIT!
Monthly COSY Live Trading
A monthly Live course exclusively for Spiking Premium Members! This course covers Crypto Option Stocks Trading, that's why is named COSY! Trade live with Dr. Clemen Chiang & make money together!
Dr. Clemen Chiang's Inner Circle ⭕️
Only for Spiking Platinum members! LIVE Coaching for 52 weeks to make miracles happen together!
Trade Through The Night ⭕️
Only for Spiking Platinum members! TRADE Through The Night 12 sessions ~ Catch the Spikes together!
Online Courses
Spiking Stocks Trading → Wealth Trilogy
Secrets of Wealth Trilogy. This course is a small-time investment that yields all you need to know in order to get huge returns on your financial investments. Because they can produce 5 to 1,000% profit returns in a single day!
Spiking Options Trading → Salvation
If you want to become an expert in Options Trading, this short yet comprehensive course is for you! Learn the secrets to generating the highest possible returns in the shortest amount of time.
Spiking Cryptos Trading → HODL
What does HODL means for Cryptos Trading? If you haven't heard of this, you need to learn about it. You need to learn about cryptos TODAY, so you can stay ahead of the competition and start making profits from the most exciting advancements in currency in generations.
Ultimate Trading Mindset
Ultimate Trading Mindset is a audio course of Mind Enhancing Program.This audio course helps you to get you in the right frame of mind before you begin trading. It is essential that you are feeling calm, disciplined and rational. Impatience, greed or panic can lead to losses - so it’s crucial that your mindset is just right.
Goal Setting 🎯 2030
Sharing how to set your goals and achieve it the shortest period of time. What is true definition of retirement? Let's get financially ready for retirement and your next generation too!
₿itcoin Anniversary 🚀 14th May 2021
Celebrating the Anniversary of 3rd Bitcoin Halving
₿itcoin 3rd Halving 🚀 12th May 2020
Investing US$250,000 into Bitcoin
Masterclass 2019
Check out the past Masterclass replay here
Zero To Hero REFLECTION 🏆 Top 50 Stocks
Becoming A Millionaire In One's Lifetime! Join Dr. Clemen Chiang, Portfolio Manager of Spiking US Blue Whale Fund, to discover stocks with 10X (or simply 1,000%) growth potential that will change the way we live, work, and play for generations. Dr. Clemen will be sharing the EXACT STRATEGY that he will be using in his Hedge Fund Strategy.
Coinbase IPO 🔔 14th April 2021
Once in a lifetime to trade on the opening bell
Robinhood IPO 🔔 29th July 2021
Once in a lifetime to trade on the opening bell
Spiking Unlimited Power 🔥 Tony Robbins
Are you ready to take charge of your life?
₿itcoin 2.0 Cashless Society
Bitcoin's Race To $100,000
₿itcoin Mining ⛏ Own More ₿itcoins
Bitcoin tops $50,000 once again! Guide to Mine Your Values!