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Daily Robot.

Time is money! Let the Spiking Daily Robot do the hard work for you. The Spiking Daily Robot uses Spiking Artificial Intelligence to pick out the top 3 stocks that are likely to spike within the next 24 hours and recommends them to you everyday.

  1. Daily Notifications at 6:30 PM Singapore Time

  2. 3 Stocks that are likely to SPIKE up in the next 24 hours

  3. Universe Net Purchase and other information are summarised in the daily notifications

How does the Daily Robot work?

Step 1

Purchase Spiking Robot and get an invitation to join the Spiking Wealth Community..

Step 2

Receive daily notifications on the 3 Stocks that are likely to spike up.

Step 3

With this daily information, trade and earn profits in just 24 hours.