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About Cathie wood

Cathie Wood was born (November 26, 1955) in Los Angeles, California, where she joined Capital Research as an assistant economist in 1977. She graduated with a degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Southern California in 1981.

In 1998, Cathie Wood co-founded Tupelo Capital Management. After 3 years, in 2001, she joined Alliance Bernstein as CIO (Chief Investment Officer) where she worked for 12 years, managing $5 billion. In 2014, after her idea for effectively manage exchanged-traded-funds based on disruptive innovation was considered too risky by Alliance Bernstein, Cathie Wood left the company and established ARK Invest.


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Why Catherine Wood's Strategy is Successful ?

Cathie Wood has received recognition as an influential fund manager across different outlets. She has been a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum (China) in 2016 and 2017, the World Strategic Forum (Miami) in 2017, the Global Summit in 2019 and many more.

Likewise, Wood has received the “Women in Finance—Outstanding Contribution Award” from Market Media and has received affirmation from Bloomberg as one of the 50 people across entertainment, business, finance, technology, science, and politics who have defined worldwide business.

How Catherine Wood Developed Her Strategy?

Cathie Wood’s already in the league of the best money handlers in the past decade. She has achieved this through persistence when championing the investment of Tesla Inc. stocks. Her focus on innovation, particularly around blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, genome sequencing, and energy storage, allowed ARK Innovation ETF to grow multiple times, from its beginning US$15 million portfolios in 2017 to over US$2.4 billion. Enhancing clients' trading skills by providing them with the best insider trading access to the top traders around the world, is Spiking's main goal. By subscribing to Cathie Wood Insider news, you will be able to see her portfolio so that you can buy stocks below the average price of what Cathie wood normally buy for.